Sunday, 23 August 2015

Comments: Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom

Explore the Magic Kingdom they said. It'll be safe they said. What they didn't mention was the fact that Hades has gathered all of Disney's darkest forces and decided to attack. And, of course, it was up to me, my family and a bunch of Disney heroes on cards (oh, and Merlin) to save the Crystals of the Magic Kingdom from Hades' fiery grasp.

Taking us all the way across Frontierland and Adventureland (as well as a few other lands. In real life, as well, I might add) so as to find a bunch of portals and defeat nine, nefarious villains, this was actually a really cool idea for a game! And, with three levels of difficulty/strategy (unlocked after you have defeated the others) it's a good thing that the game remembers you for two years!

It really is a remarkable algorithm, being able to keep track of what must be a few tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people and plot routes to the best portals judging on where everyone else is. If you are ever in the Magic Kingdom, I'd recommend helping Merlin out and joining us on our quest!

Goodbye for now, Harry

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