Friday, 14 August 2015

Comments: Toy Story Midway Mania

When I visited Holywood Studios in Orlando, Florida with my family we entered a world inhabited by sentient toys. They're bigger than us. Stronger than us. Smarter than us. Better than us.

They took control of our vehicle and forced us to shoot at aliens, balloons and targets for points and destroy ourselves in the name of 'friendly' competition. 5 rounds (and a bonus one) later and we emerged exhausted from our efforts to reload and aim whilst our senses were overloaded by the spinning cart and 3D effects. One of our number emerged victorious (my Dad) and I (and Satamer) were beaten by a mere 10,000 points (we drew at second). But what has become of the toys? Enter Midway Mania to find out and become part of the Toy Story! (Trust me, it's brilliant!)
Goodbye for now, Harry

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