Monday, 24 August 2015

Comments: Kobé Steakhouse - Donkey Kong

As Harry has already mentioned in a past post, we visited the Kobé restaurant in Orlando, Florida on holiday. There I got to play (an emulation of) Donkey Kong.

Now, while I wasn't very good at it, I did have fun. Here's what happened:
Round 1:
Ran up the first platform. Grabbed the hammer.  Destroyed some barrels. Felt unstoppable. Tried to climb ladder to escape barrels. Barrel came down the ladder I was on. Restart.

Round 2:
Ran up the first platform. Ran under the hammer. Up the ladder. Across the next platform, jumping all the barrels. Felt unstoppable. Jumped into barrel. Restart.

Round 3:
Ran up the first platform. Grabbed hammer. Destroyed the barrels and their children (is Mario really the good guy?). Felt unstoppable. Ran out of hammer. Barrels turned on fire. Got burnt alive. R.I.P Mario.

Overall, a fun time (even if I wasn't very good at it)!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.


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