Saturday, 8 August 2015

PC Building: Week 9 - Operating System Installation

This week, I decided to install my operating system onto my PC, which was a lot harder than it looks, due to my lack of a disc drive connected to my PC. First, I created an Ubuntu Live USB, so that I could at least use my computer to find a solution to my problem. Then I began to search for a solution, which I found in the form of a boot USB. At first I tried to do this straight from the Windows 8.1 iso that I had downloaded, but as this failed time, and time again, I decided to create one from the Windows 7 boot disc that I had from my old PC, but this, too failed. I had one final idea - to connect up my DVD drive in place of my main hard drive temporarily (since I only had 2 of the 3 SATA cables I needed) and install a temporary copy of Windows 7 onto the SSD. Once the Windows 7 installation was complete, I installed one program - Daemon Tools, a virtual disk drive application that I could then use to mount the Windows 8.1 iso. I then ran the installer on it, to install Windows 8.1 onto my PC. Quite a long winded approach, but the only way that I could think to do it without the SATA cable I needed for my disk drive.

This has been a Behind the Team post from Thomas (The Stacinator). Bye for now!

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