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Video Game Character of the Month - July 2015 - Lt. Morgan - Battle Nations

Video Game Character of the Month
July 2015
Lt. Morgan
Battle Nations

"Lt. Morgan reporting for duty, sir." 
"At ease, Lt. Now, I think it is time to talk about your promotion." 
"Oh, thank you sir!"
"Now, as you know, you have performed admirably as part of the 95th Rifle Company and so..." *Sniff, Sniff* "Is that alcohol on your breath?" 
"Alcohol? No, no, of course not!" 
"Lt. you are dismissed."
And, that is why Lt. Morgan is a Lieutenant and not a Captain. 
Disclaimer: this may, or may not, be based on accurate information
Now, for a bit of info on LT. Morgan:

He thinks that you (as the Captain) are the best boss ever
He doesn't like Perkins
He is a bit of a drunkard
His weapon is a Tundra Eagle (a reference to the Desert Eagle)
He and Perkins' have a secret operation code named "Situation Gemini" in which they will reconcile with each other and reach inner peace before taking a cyanide pill (this operation was once started when Zoey starts to tinker with the Ancient Construct but is stopped before they can take the cyanide)
His conscience was removed by a witch doctor when he reached the rank of Sergeant and he keeps it in a jar on his desk
He hates puns
He wrote a dissertation on 'Human Tsunami Strategy'
He is afraid of horses as a gypsy once told him that his death would be equine related
He was once a catalog modeler so as to earn enough money to go to college
He may have architectural talents (as shown by his house's design)
He carries a flask of liquor into battle
He once ate a Nanopod and now advises no one to do the same
A Raider named Yenchka is infatuated with him
He is a military genius and is well learned on how to conduct a siege

He likes to eat all of the various animal enemies in the game (except Spiderwasps)

Origin of Lt. Morgan:
While I can't find a reference to the origin of Lt. Morgan's character directly from Z2 Live, he appears to be based on the battle-hardened general who has taken to drink in order to escape from his inner demons (woah, we almost got pretty deep there!). In terms of in-game lore, Lt. Morgan's early years may have involved him going to architectural/military college before joining the 95th Rifles and working his way up to the rank of Lieutenant. At some point he lost his conscience to a witch doctor, ate a Nanopod and got told that his death would be horse related. It is unknown when he took to drink (although, it is before the beginning of the game as shown by his hangover in the opening clip).

Evolution of Lt. Morgan:
Lt. Morgan's character has developed substantially over the course of the game and he is now a much more rounded and more responsible character (thanks, in no small part, to both Mayor Pierce and the collapse of the Empire). However, he still hasn't beaten the bottle, although he drinks a lot less now, and has even grown to tolerate Perkins slightly. Furthermore, he has become interested in finding out who Yenchka is (although this might just be to stop the endless challenges he receives from her suitors). Finally, he has become more trusting and even formed various alliances such as with Captain Pike and Installation 17.

Battle Nations

That's all on Lt. Morgan but, as always, if I have made a mistake or missed anything then please don't hesitate to comment! Also, please comment who you think should win the award next!

Goodbye for now, Harry


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