Wednesday, 15 July 2015

App Review No. 87 sn

Strong Points:
A nice reinvention of Snake
Gradual difficulty
The free movement aspect leads to some interesting maneuvers

Weak Points:
Some graphical lag/jagged animation
For a reinvention, there's not much changed
The 'snake' head follows you just in front of your finger (not on it)

Rating: 50%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 20th March 2015

Controls: tap and drag to drag the snake

As with aa, and I suspect the other games in the 'focus' series, this game is very focused. This is both good and bad as, with a game that is focused on one particular thing, you would expect a certain level of quality to warrant a lack of content. However, the game contains a couple of annoying design decisions (namely, graphical lag/jagged animation (by which I mean that the different sections of the snake stay still for a while before moving) and the fact that the 'snake' head follows you just in front of your finger (not on it)) that, while perhaps making sense, lower the sense of quality.

The idea of the game is as a reinvention of the popular mobile phone game 'Snake' from the Nokia days (remember those?) and it more or less succeeds in that by adding free movement (rather than being confined to four directions) whilst keeping the pellet/tail eating antics of the original (although you can no longer run into walls, unfortunately). However, I (maybe due to the other games on the market now) was expecting some sort of a different mode (even the ability to play the original Snake) or customisation.

As you collect more and more pellets and increase the size of your snake, the game becomes harder to play but it becomes easier to get points. The reason for this is that, although you'll eat your tail more often thanks to your increased size (and jagged movement), more and more pellets also appear (which is helpful). 

Overall, sn, is a pretty good reinvention of the classic game but, unfortunately, brings too little and comes a little too late for it to be a legend like the original.

Goodbye for now, Harry

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