Tuesday, 28 July 2015

First Impressions: Pixel Gun World

Pixel Gun World is the successor to the mobile phone version game Pixel Gun 3D although it seems to be more like a port as it has basically the same features. It's in beta now and you can download from here: http://pixelgun3d.com/. I enjoyed the original game although it was quite laggy on my iPhone 4 and so I eventually had to delete it. Running the game on my laptop however, is a much sweeter experience and I have enjoyed it so far. That is... when I got it working...

I downloaded the game four or so times due to a bug that didn't allow the game to un-zip itself. Other people were having this problem as well and reminding myself that the game was still in open beta I persevered and got it working (Harry on the other hand got it working straight away...).

When I finally loaded the game I was treated to 300,000 coins as a welcome package. I immediately used this very generous package to buy some of the better weapons and jump into survival mode to try them out and get used to the PC version of the controls before I go online. The map I load up is inspired by the indie phenomenon that is Five Nights at Freddy' s. I played for a bit, although I was used to more circular maps for survival than the many corridors and vents of this map. I eventually died and decided to go on online for a bit.

There are three modes so far (team deathmatch, deathmatch and capture the flag), with a modest selection of maps for each of them. Some of the maps are inspired by other FPS's with a Nuketown style one being one of my favourites. The general feel of play for this game is good, with the weapons being mostly balanced (and if not then you only have to wait a fraction of a second to get back into the action and destroy the person who shot you through a wall). However, at the moment there is a bit of lag sometimes so use guns with a high fire rate to make sure you don't miss.

The graphics are a step up from the mobile version with smooth animation and detailed environments. The campaign is good if relatively easy with the higher powered weapons and I'm glad they've kept it as the games focus has definitely moved to multilplayer.

Overall, I enjoyed the game and will keep an eye on the updates to see if stability will be improved.

Thanks for watching, Satamer.

P.S It was the YouTube channels birthday on the 25th June and I have been doing some videos to celebrate it. Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamesAppsAndReviews

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