Tuesday, 14 July 2015

50,000 Views Extravanganza!

We've done it guys and gals! We've made it to this amazing milestone of 50,000 views! From our humble beginnings of the 100 view milestone to our first birthday and 25,000 views to our second. And now this. We are halfway to 100,000 views everyone! That is a very big number. Thank you to all of you for reading, commenting and sharing this humble little blog and allowing it to grow and flourish. And now, onto the new/returning/the-ones-we-said-we-were-going-to-do-but-never-did features!

But first... Stats!
50,048 views as of time of writing (mainly from the US, UK and France)
An average of 2200 views per month and 70 per day.
59% of our views come from Windows, 12% from Macs and 10%  from iPhone
30% of our views come from Chrome, 29% from Firefox and 18% from Internet Explorer
8 writers (including you!)
355 posts published (as of time of writing)
115 game reviews
86 app reviews
24 legends have been awarded the prestigious Video Game Character Of The Month award
6 rants ranting about things that need to be ranted about
A behind-the-team feature had been spotted over the horizon

More news
More rants
More behind-the-teams
More fantastic reviews for both video games and apps
More walkthroughs
More top 5's
And even more posts!

Finally, this is the place where you, the reader, can help. We want more input from you guys and gals about what to write about on the blog! Suggestions, criticisms, personally written reviews, rant topics or anything else you can think of are welcome.

Finally (the second time round), we want to try and increase the viewership of this blog and increase the growth. Again, you can help! Advertsise to your friends, tell us ways you advertise your websites, Twitter accounts etc. and then tell us what you've done (you might get a special mention).

Again, thank you everyone for getting us to this point and onto 100,000 views!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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