Sunday, 19 July 2015

App Review No. 89 Tiltagon

Strong Points:
Interesting control scheme (that actually works quite well)
Graphics are quite clean
Music and sound effects are good
Two difficulty modes adds a challenge

Weak Points:
Frustrating (and the frustration is intensified by the control scheme; especially when on a moving vehicle, like when many of us play these games)
A lot of the colour scheme is poor 
A huge jump in difficulty from Hard to Hard +

Rating: 67%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 31st March 2015

Controls: touch the screen to interact with the menus and tilt the phone (using the gyro's) to move the ball

And so, there's another small distraction game! Hooray!(?) But it has a different control scheme! Hooray!(?) And a hard mode! Hooray!(?) Okay, I'm bored of these types of games - can you tell? 

But, what if I were to play this game before I had played all the others? What would I have thought then? Well, the game itself is pretty decent. The premise is that you have to roll a golf ball along hexagonal platforms while avoiding various obstacles and collecting points (in this case, cubes). There are two modes (Hard and Hard +) and these define how you will lose (and, trust me, you will). In Hard mode, you can only lose by falling off the hexagonal platforms. The game increases the difficulty with the obstacles that I mentioned earlier; which can range from simple rotating blocks that push you off, to hills and a block that shoots out at you when you least expect it. In addition, after a little while, the stage will start to flicker and then disappear, and, so, you only have a certain amount of time to collect the cube that will let you go onto the next hexagon.

In Hard + mode, not only can you lose by falling off the stage, but you also lose if you touch one of the obstacles (besides the hills of course). This ramps up the difficulty substantially and, so, I would suggest a name change to 'Suicide Mode'.

The music's quite good and the graphics are okay (although some of the colour schemes, that change every 5 points, work better than others). Overall, it's a nice little game that, once again, came a bit late and entered a heavily saturated market (although the gyro-controlled control scheme is a nice change of pace).

Goodbye for now, Harry 

New Level mode with ten challenging levels!
Record and share replays with ReplayKit (iOS 9 only)
36 new unlockable balls
New leaderboards and achievements
New floor and background shapes
Three new EDM songs
App icon fixed

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