Saturday, 18 July 2015

PC Building: Week 6 - Building Part I - Core Components

This week, I began to put my components together in the case to create a bootable machine. I attached the basic components (CPU and RAM) to the motherboard, connected the PSU and mounted both items into the case.

First I installed the CPU by lifting the slot cover and aligning the two triangles in the corners to ensure it was the right way round. I the lowered the retention arm, which caused the cover to pop off.
Next I installed the ram, by matching the slots and clicking them firmly into place.

After that I fitted the IO shield into the case and screwed on the motherboard

Next, I connected the case wires to the motherboard in the correct slots - these came from the power switch, reset switch, power and hard drive LEDs, the front USB port, the SD card slot, and the case fans.

I also connected the wires from the PSU that I have installed, one 8pin connector goes to the CPU the other 24pin goes to the motherboard.

This has been a Behind the Team post from Thomas (The Stacinator). Bye for now!

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