Wednesday, 22 July 2015

First Impressions: Mirror's Edge

Run, jump, wall run, run, BANG! Hit the wall. Lost momentum. Try again. Run, jump, wall run, AARGH! Fell down. Lost my life. Try again. Run, jump, wall run, run, jump, pray. Made it. Phew. Turn corner. Drink in the glorious sights. Repeat.
I got this game for free on the PS3 from a deal although I have always wanted to play it. From what I've played so far I would compare it to a rough diamond. There are some amazing elements and some decidedly less so. So on with the good bits.

The graphic style is awesome with vibrant colours hiding the darkness within the plot. Each level has many ways to complete it and being able to traverse it in one go is a great feeling. The physics of running and the animation are superb and fluid, with you being able to easily maneuver yourself over the map (although a bit less of a loss of speed when landing would be nice). Finally, the story seems to be good so far and I like the change in art style for it compared to the levels.

And now the bad. The sudden loss of momentum when hitting something is a pain and can make you lose immersion. The game falls short when it slows down, for example, when it asks you to find a ramp to jump over to another building. The animation and physics of running is great for high speeds but not really for walking. Overall, I can't wait to carry on with the game (I'm a third of the way through) and find out what is next in store for Faith and the crew.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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