Tuesday, 30 June 2015

App Review No. 86 94%

Strong Points:
Lots of levels
Two types of levels (word and picture)
Great sense of progression... to start with
Interesting to see what the survey says
Jokers are helpful... 

Weak Points:
...and get expensive very quickly
Answers are very American TV-Centric
Some answers are a bit... unusual/unobvious (especially in the picture ones)
Its own autocorrect can break it (lemon is not the same as watermelon, guys!)
Some of the levels contain one really obvious (high points) answer and many 1 point answers

Rating: 50%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 20th November 2014

Press the buttons to access menus

And now for everyone's favourite Family Fortunes rip off! And the survey says... X. Damn. Ooh, I know!  And the survey says... X. Damn. 
10 mins later... It can't be this, surely: And the survey says... Yep. Seriously?

Unfortunately, this is a big problem with the game, in that most of your answers will be wrong. Now, I know that this is the point but it does get ridiculous when you get another answer wrong because your idiosyncrasies aren't right. By this, I mean that the answer is tailored to a very specific group of people... one which seems to exist only in American sit-coms. Be it candy or sweets, you'll get it wrong.

Now, autocorrect can help with this (such as with my example from the strong points and weak points) but this can make the game seem hollow and your victory feel cheap. 

As well as autocorrect, you also have the joker power-ups that can make the levels a bit easier. They basically give you the first letter of the word, the amount of letters in the word and a grid of remaining letters to choose from (so pretty helpful actually). You can then spend more money to get more letters or take more from the grid (for an increased price of course). 

Right then, so each level has three sections (two words and one picture) and the goal is to guess what 94% of the survey would have answered (hence the title). The questions can range from 'What do you do in the morning' to 'Pink things' and the pictures can be about just about anything (and involve you having to describe them). These different sections add a bit of variety to the game but all suffer from the same vague answers. Levels are unlocked by 94%-ing any one of the sections of that level and with 90 levels (as of the time of writing) and with more being added all of the time, (as well as surveys that you can partake in) there is certainly a lot of content.

The graphics are okay with a minimalist theme (when an ad doesn't pop up that is) but there is no sound (although music from your device can be played while playing so it's an acceptable miss).

Overall, 94% is a game that tries to replicate the fun of game shows and other apps of its genre but falls short with vague answers and a half-hearted system.

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: more levels have been added!

Update: and more levels!

Update: and even more levels!

Update: and yet more levels!

Updates: and lots and lots more levels!

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