Tuesday, 23 June 2015

First Impressions: Dragon Age: Inquisition

I have been debating with myself on whether or not I should buy this game. Do I really have the time? Will I enjoy it? Will it live up to the likes of Skyrim? I decided to take the plunge and buy the game on Amazon for £20 and have never looked back since. This game is awesome (however, I don't think it is better than Skyrim just yet, place your vote in the comments).

I started the game up and picked my character and difficulty. Male. Dwarf. Weapon and Shield. Hard. Loaded the starting cutscene up, saw the default character Dragon Age gave me and changed it quickly. Short hair. Red. Fixed the nose. Blue eyes. Beautiful.

After, a myriad of cutscenes I was given more choices and then started on the action. The combat is fluid and easy to learn, the graphics are superb (playing on the PS4), the voice-acting and character 'banter' is great and funny and the general world is detailed to the extreme. I've played around 6 hours, completed the prologue and am currently completing the myriad of quests given after in the Hinterlands.

Combat is great as just one person but throw the companions into it and it becomes awesome. Mostly seamless transitions between character as well as the superb tactical view, allows you to plan your attacks with the utmost precision. Or just set your mage to blow up everything in sight.

The quests are nice because while your doing one, you are usually completing another as well and picking up a couple after that. There is just so much to do. However, be prepared to read, as most of the side-quests are given out as letters, reports or posters. Also, because of the amount of choice in dialogue, no playthrough is the same twice.

Open-world is an understatement for this game. While there are zones (and so isn't a true open-world), each zone is huge. The myriad of landscapes are great as well, from lakes to caves and mountains to fields full of flowers. The character customisation is also massive. You can equip each of your characters with armour, weapons, helmets, rings etc. (two rings as well, unlike another open-world RPG...). Abilities can also be unlocked with speciality trees for each character. There doesn't seem to be many at first, but add in upgrades to these abilities and the numbers quickly go up.

Now, sadly onto the bad stuff. The original inventory space is big enough to hold 60 pieces of equipment (excluding materials). I filled it up really quickly and due to that other RPG I won't mention, I can never get rid of anything unless I have spares. Thankfully, they added a storage chest in patch 5 but it's in a city I haven't gotten to yet, which is bad.

Finally, there are a couple of glitches and graphical issues. Climbing onto a horse which is a couple of feet away is always fun but a face going through a collar when moving in a cutscene is just irritating. Other than that though, this game seems pretty stable for its size.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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