Thursday, 25 June 2015

First Impressions: Terrorhedron

A few weeks ago, there was a game on sale on Steam for 19p, which Oli decided to buy me (thanks Oli!). That game was Terrorhedron, a 3D tower defence game where you have to defend your base at incoming 3D shapes (hence the name 'Terrorhedron' - a pun on the word 'Tetrahedron' - the simplest 3D shape - made of equilateral triangles).

In the game there are several mount points throughout the map on which you can place towers or blocks to expand the area and so place more towers to destroy the endless waves of shapes that come to defeat you. You have 100 lives, and each player starts with $500 - enough for two laser towers, one laser with an expansion block or various other combinations of towers.

Then, when all the players are ready, you all press a button, and the round begins, sending waves of polyhedrons (a fancy name for 3D shapes) down the track towards the hole that is your base. As they pass into the ranges of your towers, they begin to get destroyed, and at the end of each round, you receive a small (paling to insignificant) monetary boost, which allows you to buy and upgrade more towers to defend off more, higher level polyhedrons coming for your base.

The graphics are minimalistic, with the main 'frame' made of shades of grey, drawing attention to the incoming waves of shapes and the towers that attempt to destroy them.

Overall, the game plays well, and is very enjoyable, however, it can be difficult, and you often need to get to (or have another player reach) a high level in order to beat even the first level on the easiest difficulty.

This has been a First Impressions from Thomas (The Stacinator). Bye for now!

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