Friday, 19 June 2015

App Review No. 85 aa

Strong Points:
Lots of levels
Clean level design
Nice music
Interesting gameplay
Can skip and choose levels
Has, slightly broken, leaderboards

Weak Points:
Bad sound effects
Ads randomly pop up
Really frustrating
Huge difficulty spikes
Lots of ads on main menu
Can get repetitive
Lack of polish
Certain levels are just unfair

Rating: 52%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 12th August, 2014

Tap to send small circle into larger circle

This game is the first (and most popular) in the focused series by General Adaptive Apps. It is a basic, one touch game based around trying to get a certain amount of circles to latch onto a larger circle while not touching the other circles. While the game succeeds in its promise of being a simple game, it is by no means easy. With differing speeds that the large circle spins at and coupled with the small spaces that the game gives you to fit the small circles in, it is definitely not easy,

Nor is it forgiving. One slight miss tap and it's game over. And then again. And repeat for the infinite amount of tries it takes to get past this level (how people get to level 800 is beyond me)! You can quickly get frustrated at the game especially for certain levels which are just plain unfair. the sound effects don't help with your peace of mind either. With splodges of slime or paint used as the sound effect for dying, watching paint dry may be a safer past time after playing this app.

The actual levels are well made, simple and clean. The menu however is a different story. With ads popping up after every few seconds, and further ads on the top and bottom, you are almost forced to press them or pay for them to be removed. The choose level and disable sound options look like they are part of an ad and random shakes of the options are annoying.

Finally, the music is nice and I found myself leaving the level on so that I could carry on listening to the song. The graphics overall aren't too bad, all though a bit of colour wouldn't go a miss.

Conclusion: overall, this game is another addictive, one touch app in an already saturated market and the ever present showing of ads on the menu screen takes away from the experience a bit and further frustrates the player. However, as always, I find myself saying, 'just one more level'.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Update: more focus. More improvements/bug fixes. More stability

Update: more levels (up to 850). More refinements and fixes

Update: many refinements, improvements to the UX and levels up to level 1000

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