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Review No. 113 Far Cry 3 - PC (18+)

Strong Points:
Great graphics
Exotic location
Nice colour palette
Antagonists voice acting and characters are awesome
Quite funny
Lots to do
Quite a few vehicles and weapons to use
Superb story
First person makes the game very atmospheric
Lots of ways to complete an objective
Handbook is good at filling in the backstory and has some great humour
Side quests have good stories of their own
Plenty of stuff to do inbetween sections of story, or after the story has finished
Open world is fun (running over pirates, taking out camps etc.)

Weak Points:
The challenges (wanted dead, supply crates etc.) are repetitive
Protagonists voice acting and characters aren't quite as good as the antagonists
Will always run out of space for loot, money etc. unless you spend hours getting the required materials
Some bugs/glitches (e.g. Can't go up a tiny step without jumping)
So many weapons to choose from but you are only allowed a maximum of  4 at a time
Story is a bit far-fetched
Can't use extra mouse buttons for actions (e.g bind mouse button 5 to Sprint)
Asks you if you want to sell a skin or leaf (even if you have no use for it any more - lategame)
Once you complete the game, you lose a disguise that allows you to go undetected on the south island
Once you beat all the strongholds, little enemies respawn, which can make the island basically empty

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Australia: November 29, 2012
Europe: November 30, 2012
North America: December 4, 2012 (Compilation: February 11, 2014)

Keyboard Controls: can be changed in-game
On foot: basic controls
WASD: move
Shift: sprint
Z: camera (middle mouse to zoom and left mouse click to take picture)
F: melee/takedown
Space: jump
C: crouch
R: reload
Q: heal
E: interact
T: throw a stone
Left Mouse Click: shoot/draw bow
Right Mouse Click: aim
Middle Mouse Click: throw grenade/Molotov
M: map
1/2/3/4: select weapon
5/6: munitions (C4 and mines)
7/8: crafted syringes

In vehicle:
E; enter/ exit
W: accelerate
A/D: turn wheel
S: brake/reverse
Shift: look back
Space: handbrake
C: switch seat
R: radio
N: next song

On a pair of tropical islands in the South Pacific, a rebellion is taking place against the pirate occupiers of the Rook Islands. The first cutscene introduces most of the main characters, and you soon meet the Rakyat -  a tribe of people who gain powers from the Tatau - a grouping of tattoos on the left arm that are gained along with abilities from the three paths - the Heron, the Shark and the Spider, which combined are called The Path of the Hunter. As you gain experience, each level gives a point which you can put towards a new skill. However some skills require you to progress with the story, or to complete a challenge, such as finding relics or completing some of the Path of the Hunter, Wanted Dead or Supply Drop quests. Some of the skills are a lot more useful than others, and this is dependant on your play style: for example, if you don't generally craft or use syringes, then abilities like Syringe Potency, which makes crafted syringe effects last 25% longer isn't very useful.

However, the syringe effects in Far Cry 3 are very useful for certain parts of the game when it becomes frustratingly hard. Things like Hunter's Instinct, which allows you to see animals by their scent for the duration of the effect, are very useful when the animals you are hunting are elusive, whilst Fireproof gives you immunity to taking damage whilst on fire - very useful against some chargers who carry Molotov cocktails.

I enjoy just driving about in one of the many cars running over pirates and the occasional deer. During the missions, you have to get to specific locations to start, but these are often quite far away from the place where you get the mission. This means you need a car. Outside each outpost, there are usually a couple of vehicles, from a massive truck, to a dune buggy, to quad bikes and Jeeps, the list goes on and on, and each of these provides a different style of driving and a different feel, making the game feel more realistic.

Another thing that makes this game fun is the outposts. Dotted across the two islands, are a number of villages and other locations which have been taken over by the pirates (and later the privateers). In order to gain access to the missions, and to gain the ability to fast travel to the area, you need to attack the area and eliminate all the enemies. To begin with, this is quite easy, as you can just go in and storm the camp, but as the game progresses, you quickly get into situations, where your main objective is to not get seen, so you don't die. Your other objective is to get to the least defended alarm, take out the guards, and use it to disable all the alarms in the camp, so that they can't call in more troops to defend themselves.

The lore is really interesting and humorous, with topics about all of the animals, people, terms and places you find throughout your adventure. It is written by an anonymous onlooker to your adventure and is the game's main source of satire about things going on in the world.

The guns have a great feel to them and due to the amount, you can have a gun set to fit any play style. However, upgrade your weapon storage quickly and remember to customize them with scopes etc. to get the most out of them.

The graphics are amazing with vivid, exotic colours, the sounds make the game an immersive and atmospheric experience and the voice-acting is superb with great emotional and humorous performances all round (although the antagonists definitely have the edge in this one).

However, there are a couple of bugs with you not being able to fit in doorways straight away being one of the more annoying.

Rating: 90%

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