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Video Game Character of the Month - April 2014 - Om Nom - Cut the Rope

Video Game Character of the Month
April 2014
Om Nom
Cut the Rope
Now, Om Nom, do you want some candy? You know you do, now that's a good boy/green monster creature thing. Now, eat the... Ow! He bit me! Right, anyway, this month it's the turn of another app based character and I chose Om Nom. Well, how could you say no to that face (or the candy)?
A quick bit of info on Om Nom:

He's 3 years old
We have absolutely no idea what he is or how he has come into being although he could be a Nommie
He has been experimented on
He has time travelled
He is best friends with Evan
He was sent to him in a box
He loves yellow and red candy as well as doughnuts and cupcakes
His arch enemies are the spiders
His gender is unknown although he is probably a boy

Origin of Om Nom:
In game, no one is sure where Om Nom came from of even if he is a wild animal or a scientific experiment. It is speculated that he is a Nommie by this isn't known for sure. Due to his ancestors in Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Om Nom's race appears to have existed on Earth for a very long time. I cannot seem to find how Zeptolab created him and if anyone knew then I would love to find out.

Evolution of Om Nom:
Om Nom does not appear to have aged at all during his many outings and neither has he gotten any fatter which you would have thought would have happened after all the candy he has eaten (well if you've got the metabolism). He has made enemies with the spiders as they both want candy and has also met up with other members of his race (if he is a Nommie that is) as well as his ancestors (if it wasn't a dream like the cartoons suggest). Om Nom has also made friends with two humans, Evan and the Professor. Who knows where Om Nom will travel next in his endless search for candy? 

Cut the Rope - released (World Wide on October 4, 2010 on iOS (except for iPad)/(World Wide) on October 6, 2010 on iPad/(World Wide) in June, 201 on Android/(Europe) in September, 2011/(North America) in November, 2011 on Nintendo DSi/(World Wide) on August 22, 2013 on Nintendo 3DS/(World Wide) in January, 2012 on HTML5 Browsers (Limited Edition) and for free on the Widows 8 Consumer Preview at the Windows Store/(World Wide) in January 2013 on BlackBerry 10
Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift - released (World Wide/Limited Edition) on December 10, 2010 on Mobile Devices
Cut the Rope: Experiments - released (World Wide) on August 4 2011 on Mobile Devices
Cut the Rope: Time Travel: released (World Wide) on April 18, 2013 on Mobile Devices
Cut the Rope 2: released (World Wide) on December 19, 2013 on iOS/(World Wide) on March 28, 2014 on Android/(World Wide) on April 3, 2014 on Kindle Fire
Cut the Rope: Triple Treat: released (World Wide) on March 25, 2014 on the Nintendo 3DS
My Om Nom: released (World Wide) on December 18, 2014 on iOS
Cut the Rope: Magic: released (World Wide) on December 17, 2015 on iOS and Android
And the various lite and free versions of the games

That's all on Om Nom for now (I really need to go and bandage my hand) but if you have any more info on Om Nom such as how he was created or if I've made a mistake then please don't hesitate to comment. Also, if you have any ideas about who should win the award at a later month, please comment as well.

Goodbye for now, Harry

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