Friday, 18 April 2014

Note - Clean Up

After the increase in the amount of views we've been getting daily (20/30 to 50/70) and the amount of posts we've put up (over 200 now) we decided to give the blog a good clean up to prepare it for all the new viewers we've been getting. This included:

High resolution photos for most of the game reviews (as we do not own some of them anymore/reviews were done by other members of the blog we could not get photos) and all the app reviews.
Release dates and controls for all the game and app reviews.
General tidy up of template so every review is now (hopefully) in the same layout.
We have gotten rid of random full stops, commas, capital letters and other grammatical errors.
Fixed a lot of the spelling.
Generally made the blog easier and more enjoyable to read and understand.
And a lot of behind the scenes work you won't see.

By the way this took us the better part of TWO days! If you have any of the games we have not photographed and would like to send in a picture, then just scan the front cover of the game in your printer and send it to us via email (email on links page). Finally, if you spot any mistakes in spelling, grammar or facts then please comment on appropriate post or email us.

Thanks guys for viewing the blog and we hope you like the changes. If you have any other ideas about more changes or new features that we could implement to the blog, then please comment or email.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.
Goodbye for now, Harry

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