Tuesday, 29 April 2014

First Impressions: Wasteland 2/Helldivers

These two games have some parts in them which are similar and some parts that are not.

They are both played top down and both involve shooting. They both involves teams of people working together although Wasteland 2's team is made up of just you and the computer while Helldivers (for PS4) is made up of you and your friends/enemies/strangers of the street. They both contain a heavy amount of strategy, both look graphically brilliant and... That's it. Because while Wasteland 2 (which is the sequel to the 1988 game Wasteland) lets you ponder over the strategy of the game with its turn based gameplay, Helldivers throws you into a swarm of monsters making you think on your feet. With three difficulties of Challenging, Hard or 'Hell Dive' this game is unforgiving. Working with other people, you have to complete a variety of objectives while simultaneously surviving against the hoard. To help you, you have a variety of 'stratagems' or special skills which include turrets and revives. To survive you need to cooperate with your team mates as these 'stratagems' have a cooldown and the game naturally gets harder if you are playing on your own with your team mates on the floor in front of you with the hoard descending.

Wasteland 2 is an old-school turn-based tabletop RPG with customizable characters, gear etc. I found the pace of this game to be really good and the variety of weapons to be nice as well. The story is told really well through the characters and the setting of the game helps to really tell the story as well. It's in early access on Steam at the moment so be sure to check it out.

So, whether you like a slow-paced, tabletop strategy or a fast-paced co-op then both of these games are worth looking into.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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