Saturday, 26 April 2014

Live Blog: Ultimate Pokémon Expert X and Y Battle Tournament UK 2014

I am just driving down to London on my way to the Ultimate Pokémon Expert X and Y Battle Tournament UK 2014 (wow that's a long name). Sadly, my Pikachu onesie didn't come in time (there is a cosplay competition as well) so I've just bought the Pokéballs that Satamer and I got for preordering Pokémon X and Y as well as two figurines (Groudon and Torchic). I'm afraid that I will have to refrain from mentioning my team in case any of you readers are participating today. I don't want to scare you with the power of my team now, do I? (or give you an unfair advantage for that matter). More updates will come throughout the day.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Gotten to the tournament and are still waiting for doors to open... 15 minutes after they were meant to open. Oh well. More later.
Goodbye for now, Harry

We're in! It's an hour late but we're in!
More later.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Group draws will start in about 10 minutes so I might not get to write anything for a while. Then again, I might. Johnny Vegas is hosting but the real celebrities are the three starter mascots! Right?
Goodbye for now, Harry

I have been drawn and am competing on Table 1. The battles will start later so stay tuned for them. In other news, I have gotten absolutely loads of StreetPass hits! More later. 
Goodbye for now, Harry

We (my mum and I) just spun the Wheel of Swag (yes that's what it's called). I won a Pokédex Trainer Kit and my mum won a Yvetal key ring. Annoyingly that's all of the merchandise here today. Anyway, battling should start soon so stay tuned. Just a little factoid: with us today are the UK two time masters champion (who isn't actually competing today) and the junior UK champion (who is). More later.
Goodbye for now, Harry

About a half an hour ago, I finished the qualifying group matches. I'm sorry for not posting sooner but I had a train to catch. Anyway, the results: loss, loss, loss and guess what? Loss. Oh, well. I had better start training for the national qualifying later in May. Until then.
Goodbye for now, Harry

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