Friday, 4 April 2014

First Impressions: Final Horizon

Final Horizon is a new take on the tired Tower Defence genre and from what I could see they mainly change it by cranking up the speed, scrapping the strategic placement and giving you a superpower at the end. All in all, this could be a not only a new take on an old genre but a new genre all together.

In the first level that I played I was just in control of the superpower (or firestrike as its actually known) and so wasn't really all that impressed. From what I could gather from the level, I had to fire this firestrike (really just a technical term for an exceedingly overpowered laser) at insect alien/robot things as they tried to destroy my turrets. I didn't appear to have any limit for how long I could use this laser and so quickly completed the level. So far, I was impressed by the graphics (even though I was looking at it from a bird’s eye view, which appears to happen whenever you use the fire strike) as well as the fluidity of the controls.

And then I went onto the next level. This is where the game showed its true form. In this level, I was zoomed in on the action and looking at it sideways where I saw the clearness and crispness of the graphics. Only to promptly ignore all these things as I concentrated on repairing, upgrading and building my towers in a race to NOT DIE! Suffice to say, I lost the race. Anyway, this time the evil insect alien/robots were targeting my generator and I had upgrade the towers around it to shoot these aliens. Rather than being at all tactical about this, I threw all my money/energy supply at machine guns. There were some other guns but I didn't get a chance to look at them as I just chose the cheapest one as I tried to survive long enough to get some more energy as well as upgrading what appeared to be solar panels so as to gain more energy or increase my firestrike charge, I'm not quite sure which. Well, after a few failed attempts at this level I finally managed to get enough charge to use the firestrike and so I sat back to watch the carnage emerge from my fingertips. And then my firestrike ended. And I lost.

Oh well, this just gives me an excuse to buy the game (once I finally get a PS4) and get back into the crisp graphics and challenging gameplay.

Goodbye for now, Harry 

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