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Walkthrough No. 3 Fire Emblem: Awakening, Train Your Team!

The Walkthrough:
This isn't going to be a complete walkthrough as the game tells you what to do mostly, this will focus on recruitable characters, DLC and the like:

Dual Strike:
This is where the supporting unit out of two units stood next to each other attacks after the main unit attacks.

Support Block:
This is where the supporting unit out of two units stood next to each other jumps in the way of an attack, stopping any damage being taken, the supporter is in no way harmed.

Pairing Up Part 1:
This is used to make levelling weaker characters easier as when two units are put side by side there is a Pair Up option and this increases their stats and makes them have a chance to Dual Strike and Support Block. Killing enemies while paired up increases their relationship.

Damage Calculation:
Don't worry, this is just some simply maths. The damage done in combat is the Strength stat (if you are attacking with a weapon)/Magic (if you are attacking with magic) - the defenders Defence stat (if you are attacking with a weapon) or Resistance stat (with magic).

Hit Chance:
This is also simply maths. It is the Hit stat minus the Defender's Avoid stat.

HP - Health Points, This is shown as the current health on the right and the max on the left. If the current reaches 0 then the unit dies.
Str - Strength. Affects damage dealt with Physical attacks.
Mag - Magic. Affects the damage dealt with Magic attacks.
Skill - Skill. Affects hit rate and Critical Hit rate.
Spd - Speed. Affects Avoid. Unit attacks twice if 5 higher than the opponents.
Lck - Luck. Lowers enemy Critical Hit rate.
Def - Defence. Reduces damage from Physical attacks.
Res - Resistance. Reduces damage from Magic attacks.

Battle Grid:
This grid shows spaces enemy's can attack in red and where up to the enemy's can heal in green. To turn this on press X.

Never skip talks:
These can sometimes tell you an enemy is rethinking loyalty to the other side or even where reinforcements are going to come from and when they will come.

Battle Animations:
If you wish for the gameplay to speed up then you can turn the animations off in the options menu. You can also skip a battle but either holding L before it or by pressing START when it starts. If you also wish to skip a whole turn you can press START in-between attacks and it will skip it.

Changing Positions:
Before starting a level the menu shows a View Map option, this allows you to change where your units are starting, so if you have two units that you wish to pair up at the start you don't have to get them to meet in the middle of the map because you rushed straight in.

Pairing Up Part 2:
Pairing up improves attack, blocking and  relationships. Relationships lead to marriages which in turn lead to children who you can recruit.

All units can carry several items each and it is a good idea to have extra weapons in case some break and also Vulneraries, Concoctions and Elixirs  as they can be a difference of life and death for a unit.

Most of the time it is useless to forge but if an E level weapon isn't doing enough than upgrading one so that you can level up your weapon rating is very handy. They are also useful when you add a Critical Bonus for when you need those extra damage points to win.

New Recruits:
Some people can be talked to on the battlefield and so check the whole field to see if that is possible in a certain mission. If the person is green then a rescue staff can be used to pull them closer.

Check for Names:
If a character is on the opposing team then they are either a boss or recruitable. Bosses usually have a symbol under their icon to show they are a boss.

It can be boring, but boring over dead, right? If you straight out charge then you may lose units but if you stick together and hunker down somewhere to trick the enemy.

"I can be strong too":
Ignoring weak characters is an easy thing to do, but it is so much better to leave the strong starting character, Frederick, alone until all the units are just as strong and powerful as him.

Good people to level up early:
Nowi: Her  manakete attacks are very powerful early on.
Gaius: A very fast character who can dodge a lot of attacks very early on.
Donnel: A character with a skill that allows each level up to maybe add at least one to all stats.


This can be started before beating the game or after:
So first of all you need your Unit, the best character in the whole game that you don't need StreetPass to get. This is because your Unit can be any class at all (depending on gender). To be honest being male is better for the dlc classes (Dread Fighter over Bride). Also the stat you choose to be your weakness and strength don't make much of a difference in the long run as they are easily ignored.
Your son/daughter Morgan: This character can be strong but not the strongest as paired with some characters he can gain some of the most useful skills. Aversa and your Unit (Now being called Robin from now on) allows Morgan to use Shadow Gift (Means a non-Dark Magic wielder can use Dark Magic). Pair Robin and Chrom and you will get all of his skills like Aether and Sol. But if you chose a male Robin then don't let Chrom marry and then Lucina will be a female version of Chrom without any skills lost in the process. Lucina is very helpful for creating a great Morgan with the Chrom skills.

This is where you wait til level 20 before you change classes or when you know the final class you will be so you reset them at the same class and then you can gain extra points in some skills.

Limit Breaker:
This skill is one that allows you to have an extra 10 skill points on to all the main stats (Strength, Magic, Resilience, Skill, Luck, Defence and Speed). This is given after completing Rogues and Redeemers 3

Dread Fighter:
I have mentions this a few times and now to explain it, Dread Fighter is a male only class that is activated by a Dread Scroll, awarded by completing Lost Bloodlines 2.

All Stats + 2:
This is given when you complete Champions of Yore 3 and increases all stats by 2 (Strength, Magic, Resilience, Skill, Luck, Defence and Speed).

Iote's Shield:
A useful ability that stops flying attribute special effectiveness. This is good for any flying class as Arrows, and Wind Magic will now be less powerful.

This is the female only class in Awakening, Brides are activated by a Wedding Bouquet from the Smash Brethren 2.

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