Monday, 3 November 2014

First Impressions: The Escapists/Velocity 2X

The Escapists:
In my brief time with The Escapists (it was a timed demo) at EGX, I learnt a few things. Firstly, prison life is a lot more organised than I had previously thought, with allotted times for exercise, food and work all planned out. Secondly, if you don't stick to this schedule, cause a disturbance or steal items for your escape (and get caught) you will get punished. Thirdly, this makes it very hard to escape as you will get so caught up in the mind-numbing activities that they give you that it is very difficult to even think about how to escape. But as this was a demo, I was given some clues, a shovel and a night free from the guards (the disembodied voice which was giving me instructions paid them off). And just as I was about to start the great escape which would rival any escape in the history of escapes, my demo... Stopped. I was out of time. And so with that my chances of escaping. Until next time we meet. I will beat you The Escapists. 

Velocity 2X:
This game has an interesting concept. A hybrid of two genres: space shooter and platformer, you jump between rescuing stranded people in space and destroying anything that stands in your way and collecting crystals while jumping and performing huge leaps to get over obstacles. So far, so normal. The story sees you as an amnesiac trying to escape your captors. The generic story (albeit in a great art style). But here comes the new part. You can teleport through walls in both the ship and as the protagonist. This allows for some fast paced action and puzzling with you having to think on your feet otherwise you will run off the edge of the screen and R.I.P you (especially as the ship as the screen moves up on its own accord). Overall, a fast, action hybrid of a game with a great art style and controls with two great types of gameplay which could be considered games in their own right. 

Thanks for reading, Satamer

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