Thursday, 20 November 2014

App Review No. 70 Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Strong Points:
Lots of familiar characters reimagined as Angry Birds
Lots of levels
You can play as the Pork Side as well as the Bird Side
Great Angry Birds physics gameplay
Star Wars soundtrack
Medals let you buy characters to get out of a difficult situation
Infinity Use characters allow collectibles to be obtained easier

Weak Points:
Telepods, being able to buy characters and lots of powers makes the game less skill based
Collectibles can be frustratingly difficult to get

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Worldwide: 10 September, 2013

Slide finger to aim bird and release
Tap to activate ability

So here it is the sequel to the great "Angry Birds Star Wars". The game has the story from the films with the animated style of angry birds. But this time it has two modes, The Bird side and the Pork side. The Bird side follows the plot of the story with levels: Naboo Invasion, Escape to Tatooine and Battle of Naboo. The characters are very much like the other game but the characters names and looks are better, with the birds looking less like birds and more like actual characters. A big problem is that the characters don't appear in the right parts, with Zam Wealzel staring in episode one, even though in the films Zam doesn't come into the series until Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. (It isn't really that bad but really, with so many characters in Star Wars why on earth do you need to put characters in parts they are not in).

Telepods are very easy to use with a very quick loading time. And are helpful for some levels and can cause some levels to become much harder.

The story isn't too in-depth with quick and quirky slides but as of writing this (no full movies in game) they are quite easy to follow.

Rating: 90%

See Ya,

Update: anyone fancy an Easter Egg hunt around the garden? No? What about a coin hunt around the galaxy? Still no? Well, tough luck because you’re doing it anyway. 1000 coins are hidden throughout the new levels in Angry Birds Star Wars 2. Also, who could possibly be frozen in the carbonite? Wait and see... Finally, Rovio has decided to flip the force on its head by letting you play as Birds in Pork Side levels and Pigs in Bird Side levels. Well, why not?

Update: get ready for the Rise of the Clones! This update introduces 20 levels for the Bird Side in which you will fight for control of Coruscant with the help of the boost enabling air turbines! Also, 20 new levels for the Pork Side have been added where you can destroy the Republic's Clone Army on Kamino and face off against both the torrential rain and the almighty Jedi! And if that wasn't enough content, then you can always go and visit the new Secret Levels (two on each side of the Force), but you'll have to find the maps first. Finally, have you ever felt that if you'd had just one more bird then you could have completed a level? Well now, with the Last Chance Bird, you can have that extra screeching ball of feathers to help you beat the Pork Side (or the Bird Side)!

Update: get ready to master your destiny with a new update! This time you are a Jedi Youngling (or is that chick?) or a Sith Hopeful (or it that piglet?) in 15 new levels for the Bird Side and another 15 for the Pork Side. And this time it's you who's in control of your ammo. By ammo, I of course mean birds or pigs that are in your saved characters or Telepods collection. Finally, it's now free for iOS!

Update: 24 new levels and 12 new characters from the Star Wars Rebels series as well as 16 new Master Your Destiny Levels! The force is strong with this one.

Update: 32 new levels set on Geonosis and Mustafar in this brand new chapter where it's time for the Revenge of the Pork! Also, control your destiny in 16 more Master Your Destiny levels!

Update: many bug fixes

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