Monday, 24 November 2014

Review No. 79 Sonic Rush - DS (7+)

Strong Point:
Great Music
Good Gameplay
Fun Story
Nice use of both screens in the final fight
Gimmicks are actually good
Character backstory
Good adding a new character

Weak Points:
World 2 is water and the hardest world
Big difficulty spikes
Weird Ending
Boss can be uber hard

Rating: 76%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
North America: November 15, 2005
PAL: November 18, 2005
Japan: November 23, 2005

Non specific actions:
D-Pad Left Or Right: walk/run/brake
D-Pad Up Or Down: scroll screen
Start Button: pause

Sonic's Moves:
A or B Button: Spin Jump
R Button: Jump Dash
D-Pad Down + A Or B Button: Spin Dash
X or Y Button: Super Boost

Blaze's Moves:
A or B Button: Axel Jump
R Button: Burst Hover
D-Pad Down + A Or B Button: Burst Dash
X or Y Button: Fire Boost

This is a confusing game to begin with but once you get used to the fact that the zone numbers are different for Sonic and Blaze you find it quite funny and at some points hard. First you meet Sonic, talk to Miles and then start running through the acts and going from boss to boss. You will encounter weird things that you can grab onto and if you use your Sonic boost and hold it then a portal will appear above you and he will be sucked in. This is a Secret Stage and if you reach the coins target you will gain a Chaos Emerald.

Each zone has a different Chaos Emerald to collect them all to unlock a secret area in which Blaze and Sonic go Super and have to defeat Eggman and Egg-nega. Blaze though gets the Sol Emeralds from defeating the Bosses in each zone. Then you have finished the game, enjoy the weird ending.

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