Monday, 10 November 2014

App Review No. 69 Dash Up!

Strong Points:
Clean graphics
Colours change and are not too distracting
World best is shown which gives you something to aim for
Sound effects are good
Strong gameplay
Three modes add variety whilst keeping the core gameplay

Weak Points:
A bit buggy
Can crash
Hitbox is quite big - no room for error

In-depth Review:

Dash, die, dash, dash, die, dash, dash, dash, die, die, die, die. This sought of intro seems to be the normal thing for these types of games. Well, they are quite similar I guess.

However, Dash Up! is slightly different (at least enough to warrant its own review) and this is due to its game mechanics and design. The graphics are crisp and clear with the background changing from block colour to block colour every time you start a new game. The ball and obstacles are stark white so it makes it really easy to see (at least on Normal Mode). The gameplay involves you tapping the screen to move the ball up the screen and through the platforms. If you stop tapping then the ball will stop and start to fall (though slower than when it's going up). This is where the name comes from as, once the obstacles (which are two platforms that move together and then apart) finally move apart, you have to dash up quickly to get through them. However, misjudge the amount of taps you need and you'll end up hitting the next obstacle (and it's only a slight tap that is needed to kill you as well). This gameplay makes the game addictive and easy to learn but hard to master.

There are also two other modes which keep the core gameplay of dashing through obstacles but also change it slightly in an attempt at making it harder. They succeed. Stealth Mode makes the ball invisible so you have to have a really good idea as to how many taps are needed to get the ball to a certain place whereas Dark Mode turns the obstacles invisible which means you have to have really good judgement as to how long it takes the different obstacles to move apart. And, as these movements are more or less random, is extremely difficult. Makes that World's Best score something to aim for though.

Overall, Dash Up! is yet another good pick up and play, challenging and addictive app that is great fun to compete against friends with.

Rating: 70%

Goodbye for now, Harry 

Update: dashing through the snow in a one horse open... CRASH! That's right, Christmas has come to town and brought with it a brand new Christmas Mode! Cue music now!

Update: dash into the New Year with this tennis themed update! Also, play on different surfaces - hard, grass and clay!

Update: love is in the air and *cough* *cough* it's choking! I'd best just dash away with this new mode!

Update: dash to Mars with this update!

Update: dash around to burn off the Easter chocolate with this update!

Update: dash to the jet and then jet up with this update!

Update: dash to the Golf Club and then dash around the Golf Mode. Also, 30x achievements have dashed into the game!

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  1. Another frustrating app... Thank you flappy bird for starting this trend. It's all CoC rip-offs and frustration now. *grumbles at the fact that I will still get this anyway*