Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review No. 80 Sonic Rush Adventure - DS (12+)

Strong Points:
More platforming, super speed fun
Sea adventure as well as land
Great music (again)
Graphics are good for time is was made
Bosses are quite creative

Weak Points:
Controls are more confusing
Getting the Chaos Emeralds is random compared to the first
Johny races are hard as he just rams you at the end of the race
Doesn't make sense unless you have played the first game

Rating: 76%
In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
North America: September 14, 2007
PAL: September 18, 2007
Japan: October 23, 2007

Non Specific Actions:
Control Pad Left Or Right: walk/run/brake
Control Pad Or Down: scroll screen
Start Button: pause

Sonic's Moves:
A or B Button: Spin Jump
R Button: Jump Dash
Control Pad Down + A Or B Button: Spin Dash
X or Y Button: Super Boost

Blaze's Moves:
A or B Button: Axel Jump
R Button: Burst Hover
Control Pad Down + A Or B Button: Burst Dash
X or Y Button: Fire Boost

So this game is is the sequel to the good game of Sonic Rush.  The story is that Sonic and Tails get shot at while they are flying Sonic's plane (another air attack, really?) They both land on an island that is seemingly uninhabited except for one person called Marine who explains that you have landed on Southern Island. She tells you her dream of making a ship and sailing in it and Tails says he will help rebuild her ship for her. Then you have the tutorial for the game including the new controls that have been added. After the ship has been fixed you have to go to islands, complete act 1 and 2, defeat the boss and return home. This involves some cool water bike sections and then the platforming acts. Also, the bosses now have health bars, unlike the previous game, which just had eight hits to kill.

Johny is an evil person to race as at the last second, if you do manage to overtake him he will bang straight into you from behind which counts as instant death, if there were checkpoints to that you didn't have to go all the way back to the beginning of the course it would be cool.

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