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Review No. 78 Game and Wario - Wii U (7+)

Strong Points:
All the minigames are really fun
Nice use of the Wii U gamepad
12 are single player so you don't need friends to play
Chick-N-Win is very cool as you swap tokens for prizes
Over 200 bonus items
Will keep you entertained with friends for hours

Weak Points:
Only 16 games
Not enough multiplayer minigames
Some bonus items are rubbish
Short finishing time if you play solo

Rating: 78%
In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: March 28, 2013
North America: June 23, 2013
Europe: June 28, 2013
Australia: June 29, 2013

Different for each minigame and told in the tutorial

This game is a collection of 16 minigames with 4 multiplayer and 12 single player games. These games can range from drawing straight lines to shooting plunger arrows at a giant nose. The games (in order of appearance) are: Arrow, Shutter, Ski, Patchwork, Kung Fu, Gamer, Design, Ashley, Taxi, Pirate, Bowling, Bird. Multiplayer games are: Disco, Fruit, Island and Sketch.

All the games are different with some being better than others but they all have their own characteristics and gimmicks to make you laugh and have fun. All the games are played on the Gamepad and TV with no need for Wii Remotes and shows off the different functions of the Gamepad. Some games are relatively short like Kung Fu or Ski while some are quite long with different storylines or unlockable content like Patchwork or Gamer. The single player games are fun and showcase the Gamepad nicely but the multiplayer games are when the game truly shines.

Bring a couple of friends round and you will be guaranteed some laughs whether its from one of your friends diabolical plan to knock of all your 'Fronks' in Island or seeing the guy with only his pants on in Fruit. Also before the game has even begun you are asked to take a picture of yourself using the Gamepad camera to use as your logo for your save slot. This photo can be distorted in all manners of different ways and quite a nice thing which gets ignored quite often.

Then there is Chick-N-Win. Chick n win allows you to use the tokens saved up from playing the various minigames and collect capsules which open up to give you bonus items. Again like the minigames there are some prizes which are better or more fleshed out than others like the 'grabber' game or 'tank' game while some give you useful information like the character cards and some are plain silly like the calling signposts. But what it does do is open up more of the Gamepads unique features and with over 200 of them, will keep you entertained for hours.

Conclusion: Wario's transition from micro to minigames may not be for all but is still and impressive showcase of what the Wii U and Nintendo can do. And what Nintendo does better than anyone else in my opinion is to make a game which makes everyone laugh and have fun.

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Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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