Monday, 6 January 2014

The 12 Generations of Gaming - Gen 9 (The Future)

On the ninth gen of gaming,
The world sent to me,
Three new consoles.

On the ninth gen of gaming,
The world sent to me,
A Pokémon MMORPG,

On the 12 days of Christmas,
This blog sent to you,
Many aw-ful tunes,

On the 12 days of Christmas,
This blog sent to you,
Lots of info-o.

On the 12 days of Christmas,
You skipped past these tunes,
To be fair, I don't blame you.

Wii U Mii I
PlayStation 5
Xbox Everything

Pokémon World (MMORPG)
Movie Tie In - The Game
Call of Duty: Dogs

And so, it is that we have reached our final post in the 12 Generations of Gaming series and it is now time to talk about the future. What new consoles will the world see in the 9th gen, and what games will grace those consoles?

In this post, I will talk about the new three consoles and three games that will take the world by storm. (Warning these consoles and games do not exist). Please comment if you have any more ideas about what you want to happen in the future.


Wii U Mii I:
After the massive success of the Wii U, in the latter stages of the 8th gen of gaming, Nintendo decided to make yet another Wii based console. The Wii U Mii I has the biggest plethora of features yet! The new and improved Miiverse imports not only your Mii into Nintendo's universe but also yourself! This brings through another way to play, to be inside the game! However, there is some controversy surrounding the technology with some researchers saying that you could get stuck inside Nintendo's world. However, this theory has not been proven.

PlayStation 5:
Sony have somehow harvested the power of the stars to make their console run at the speed of light! The DualShock 5 has also gotten an upgrade, with 200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 buttons now on the surface of the controller meaning that there is a button for just about anything! 8 iterations later, and the console is as thinner as a pane of glass (warning, disks no longer fit in disk drive).

Xbox Everything:
Xbox Everything does exactly what the name suggests, everything. Do you want it to be a plane? Done. Do you want it to do a dance? Easy. Do you want it to play a video game? Hmmm, slightly harder. But who cares when you can do anything, with your Xbox Everything?


Pokémon World:
Do you want to be a Pokémon Master? Of course you do. And now you can! With Pokémon World, you can explore the entire world of Pokémon as well as catch em all. And with the new Miiverse technology, you can even go inside the world of Pokémon and go and catch, train and battle beside your new Pokémon friends!

Movie Tie In - The Game:
Movie Tie In - The Game is a game that destroys all other movie tie ins before it. Critics are calling it the best game of the century. Millions of copies have already been shifted across the globe. Is it entertaining? Of course it isn't. Is it worth your time? Not even close. Is it mildly satisfactory? No way. Is it cheap? Very.

Call of Duty: Dogs:
We knew it was coming. And now it's here! Call of Duty: Dogs, where the COD Ghosts dog got to powerful. In this new game, you play as the retired dog from Call of Duty as he tries to get by in life after the horror of war. Critics are calling it 'a good dog' and 'A game that doesn't just sit down and roll over'. It's time for Call of Duty: Dogs.

Goodbye for now, Harry

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