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Review No. 67 Wii Fit - Wii (3+)

Strong Points:
A fun way to get fit
Lots of activities for all ages
Variety of activities
Wuhu Island is great
Nice to be able to use Miis
Bright, fun graphics

Weak Points:
Expensive to get all accessories.
Gets boring after a while - not motivating
Measurements aren't completely accurate

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: December 1, 2007
Europe: April 25, 2008
Australia: May 8, 2008
North America: May 21, 2008

Varying on each activity, in-game instructions given.

Wii Fit is another great example of Nintendo broadening the boundaries of gaming. The new frontier this time is fitness, but in a fun, animated way. This game and Wii Sports, in my opinion made the casual audience of the Wii so prominent.

This game is essentially a virtual gym, with activities for all ages and a great setting, Wuhu Island. Wuhu Island is like a tropical paradise, with little people sweating while doing the hula hoop. You start the game by choosing your Mii and then taking a fitness test and at the end you get a body age (and weight/ BMI if you want to see it).

After that you can carry on doing the activities and repeat the test each day to try and reduce your body age. You can do this by doing yoga, strength tests, aerobics or balance games. For yoga, you repeat what you see on the screen, on the balance board. You can follow either a male or female instructor, while the main instructor for the game is your balance board. The strength tests are roughly the same.

The aerobics and balance games are what will keep you on the game for weeks. These games will improve your balance, strength etc. like the yoga and strength exercises but are wrapped up in fun little packages including snowboarding, jogging, step aerobics and trying to get to the end of the level while trying not to pop the bubble you are floating in.

Now on to the bad points. The game and accessories are quite expensive, especially the balance board, which is essential to play the game. Also, the weight and BMI, you have to take with a pinch of salt sometimes, especially if you are a young child as the game doesn't register children under 13, on the body age.

Conclusion: overall this is a great game, which will help you get fit and helped broaden the gaming industry immensely.

Rating: 72%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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