Thursday, 30 January 2014

10,000 Views Extravaganza!

This is just amazing, outstanding, superb, brilliant, great, excellent, terrific and any other adjective which shows just how great you all are. Thanks guys for this opportunity to write for you and for the comments and advice you have given all of us to make this blog flourish. You guys are all really great and we couldn't have done it without you. Let's try and get to a million!

Now for the stats: at time of writing we have 10,055 views with the most coming from the United States (4423 views), then the United Kingdom (2905 views) and Russia (882 views) round out the Top 3. Firefox is the browser with the most views (3679), then Chrome (2738 views) and Internet Explorer (2606 views) rounds out the Top 3. Rayman Challengers App is the most viewed post with 91 views, then Battle Nations with 88.

Now for what you can expect from the blog over the next months:
  • More cheats for the lazier readers
  • We will be reviewing a wider range of video game genres as well as bigger games like MMO's
  • More Top 5's
  • Better news coverage
  • Live blogs for Pokémon Video Game Championship and Eurogamer
  • Quizzes
  • More amazing posts and reviews!
  • And perhaps some more surprises
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

And, once again thanks to everyone who has read, commented, told their friends, family, cats, dogs, strangers, Siri or anyone or anything about this blog!

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