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Review No. 68 GTA V - PS3 (18+)

Strong Points:
Amazing map
Detailed graphics
Very interactive
Hard to get bored of
Lots of small little details which make the world alive
Lots of vehicles and weapons 
Police chases are fun
Story is amazing
Lots of random minigames!
Characters are memorable
Voice acting is brilliant

Weak Points:
As it is a big game there can be a bit of lag if running on a older console
Random events can be infrequent
Not enough heists - more coming out in 2014
Police AI can be odd- you may go on a rampage and get no stars but if you punch one person you get 3!

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 17th September 2013

Controls: Source: GTA
On Foot:

In Vehicle:

We have all been waiting for this game for quite a long time now, and believe me it has been well worth the wait.
This game has so many amazing aspects. You can buy hangars, garages, properties, planes, cars (and customisations) and the newest, most interesting part - buy shares on the stock exchange. You can use these to get yourself loads of money very easily (if you invest wisely). By the end of your game if you have enough properties you can set yourself up a living and go on mindless killing sprees for the rest of your days.


This time we are back in Los Santos, but instead of having good ol' CJ (the original protagonist from Los Santos in GTA San Andreas) we have 3 protagonists. Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips (Trevor Philips Industries), and Franklin Clinton. Trevor and Michael have already met and did several heists together 20 years ago, but Franklin is new to them. He meets Michael when his first employer (Simeon) told him to steal Michael's son's new car back as he is not paying insurance. Michael knew it was coming and was waiting in the car for him. Michael asks Franklin to crash through his employers' car showroom window and thinks Franklin has guts and thinks he can teach him a few things.

Meanwhile, out in the desert, Trevor is trying to make a living out of selling meth and shipping guns. He hears of Franklin and Michael's raids in Los Santos and he decides to pay a visit. After meeting they begin to go on heists and build up a crew and more and more resources, and it all falls down to one last big score.


This game is truly amazing. You can do so many things on it. From doing the usual rampages and getting new cars, to playing tennis, golf and participating in heists and triathlons. You can also go to the cinema, go to a club (or strip club), go on fairground rides or just relax on the beach. Most of these (sports especially) are fully fleshed out and could be good games on their own.

The story is brilliant, dark, intriguing and humorous. The characters (even minor ones) are fully fleshed out, and the animation and graphics are simply outstanding. The voice acting is superb and you will really feel for the characters and the stories they have to tell. The amount of twists and turns in the story is great and the inclusion of the three playable characters (and Chop) is really well done. Even with some 'controversial' levels, this is still a brilliant story and one of the best I have seen for a long, long time.

Even though the sheer amount of mechanics could be overwhelming, the game has a good pace, introducing certain aspects within different missions and side quests. These missions and side quests along with other activities are clearly marked on an impressively detailed map, which also shows the scale of the game. Which is big. Very big. Much like the ambitions of the characters, the world is massive and most of it is filled to the brim with character. Characters have their own conversations and can interact with the world and you, having a cup of coffee, shouting at the phone, having a police chase etc.

And with police chases, comes driving, one of the most important aspects of the GTA series. And with a massive map, you will be doing a LOT of driving. Thankfully, there are a lot of variations of cars on the streets of Los Santos with trucks to dune buggy's and super cars to motor cycles. There are even air-planes, fighter jets and helicopters to make that journey slightly less long. Fighting is also an important aspect of GTA and that is covered to with shot guns to pistols and nightsticks to the miniguns.

The actual driving mechanics are brilliant and the damage is realistic with parts of the car getting crushed or falling off. There is real weight to the vehicles and the traffic is also realistic. You can listen to music on radio stations with lots of variety between songs and stations.

The shooting mechanics are also good with auto targeting, different cross hairs etc. being available. However, the cover system has some problems mainly suddenly going out of cover when trying to move across it, and some objects (hedges) not being available for cover.

Random events are next, and these add extra depth to the game with some great conversation between them and the main characters. I feel there aren't enough variety of them after the fetch wallet/vehicle type of event.

Finally, the graphics are simply astounding, with the textures being crisp and clear and the animation being mind-blowing. Although there are some bugs with some textures disappearing or being different to the other sides of the objects, namely inside and out-side of building with the outside being destroyed and the inside being fine.

Conclusion: overall this is an outstanding game and one of the best out there. Some of its minigames could count as entire games and the amount of thought which has been put into this game is simply awe-inspiring. The game is also being constantly updated with new content and patches making the game even more massive and utterly amazing.

Rating: 98%

See you later guys,
Euan (Strong Points, Weak Points)
Thanks for reading, Satamer.
(Strong Points, Weak Points and the rest of the in-depth review)

Updates: note some of these items are no longer available online but are still available offline.
Full patch notes on

San Andreas Flight School Update:
New vehicle: Invetero Coquette Classic (roofless variation available as well)
Two new planes: Buckingham Mil-Jet and the Western Besra
New helicopter: Buckingham Swift
25 flags of the world parachutes (Online only)
Six new parachutes: Air Force Chute, Desert Chute, Shadow Chute, High Altitude Chute, Airborne Chute and the Sunrise Chute
New clothes and accessories
Flight School has been added to Online (rank 6 and up)
New jobs for Online
Full patch notes here:

Independence Day Update:
New vehicle: Liberator
New motorbike: Sovereign
2 new weapons: Musket and Fireworks Rocket Launcher
7 new properties for GTA Online
Fireworks Show: 12 different fuses to be used
2 new amusement park rides: Ferris Whale and the Leviathan Roller Coaster
New clothes
Full patch notes here:

I'm Not a Hipster Update:
7 new vehicles: the Glendale, Warrener, Blade, Rhapsody, Panto, Dubsta, Pigalle
2 new weapons: the Vintage Pistol and Antique Cavalry Dagger
New clothing, hair styles, tattoos
New jobs for online mode
Full patch notes here:

The High Life Update:
Three new cars: the Enus Huntley S, Dewbauchee Massacro, Pegassi Zentorno
New motorbike: the Dinka Thrust
New weapon: The Bullpup Rifle
Full patch notes here:

Update 1.12:
New Lester ability in GTA Online
More bug fixes
Full patch notes here:

Update 1.11:
New clothing, tattoos, hair styles masks etc.
Full patch notes here:

The Business Update:
Three new vehicles: the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R
New plane: the Vestra
Two new guns: the Heavy Pistol and the Special Carbine
Full patch notes here:

Valentine's Day Massacre Update:
New gun: the Gusenburg Sweeper
New vehicle: the Albany Roosevelt
More clothes, hats etc.
Full patch notes here:

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