Saturday, 30 July 2016

Top 5: Features Wanted in Pokémon Go

Have you heard of Pokémon Go? If you have access to the Internet there's a good chance you do and with the game being out for a few weeks now people have started to ask the big questions. How can this game be improved? Now, I know bug fixes are top of the list but what about new features? Well, here are my Top 5 most wanted features for Pokémon Go (besides more Pokémon).

5: % of gyms owned by each team
These teams have taken a life of their own, with allegiances strong for people's own team and background lore and really good fan art being made within ours of them being announced. You can't walk to figurative steps into the Internet without seeing a meme placing one of the teams above the other. My villages gyms change hands regularly and it's really interesting to see how they do. So why not on a bigger scale? What if you could see the percentage of gyms owned by each team in the world as well as what percentage of gyms have not been taken yet.

4: Pokéstop Album
I went to London a couple of days ago and along with a large amount of Pokémon, there were a large amount of Pokéstops. So many in fact, that it would've been nice to have had a record on which ones I'd done. This would also add to the collecting frenzy of Pokémon with either the Pokéstops filling a sort of predetermined album or if there were too many, to at least keep a list of which ones you'd done. If anything, it would give you even more of a reason to explore.

3: Super Pokéstops
Talking about Pokéstops, they're all quite samey aren't they? How about big landmarks such as Big Ben (which is technically already a gym) becoming Super Pokéstops which give better items such as Great Balls more regularly than regular Pokéballs. It would help break up the regular Pokéstops and could even have mini lures placed down to attract Pokémon and people to these big landmarks to open up opportunities for the next item in the list.

2: Friendly Battles
One of the central parts of the Pokémon franchise is battling and while battling gyms is all well and good, what if I want to battle one of my family to decide who's Rattata is really in the top percentage of Rattata? We're all on the same team so gyms wouldn't work. Friendly battles are the answer I think - they would allow you to add people to your friend's list, battle and train with them for experience and generally see who is the very best (that no-one ever was). Having to have them in your friend's list would also solve the privacy issue of people being able to see your avatar on the map - they'd only be able to if you allowed them to.

1: Trading
In the early days of Pokémon Go (to be honest, we're still in early days), the servers would crash frequently, meaning only some of your group would be able to get a Pokémon before the game crashed. Now, fancy being able to trade that Snorlax for your 'totally not bigged up in any way' Pidgey. Or, how about if your friend went on holiday to an exotic land and found a rare Pokémon (not Pidgey) and owed you a favour. You could trade for that Pokémon. Just don't trade your Top 10% Rattata.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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