Monday, 18 July 2016

Behind-The-Team: Pokémon Go Journal: Day 4

Day 4. Servers have taken a hit. Not sure how much longer we can last without reinforcements. Ple-...

Pokémon Caught:
3x Weedle
1x Rattata
2x Pidgey
1x Seel (hatched)
1x Spearow (hatched)
1x Eevee
1x Slowpoke

Most Powerful Pokémon: Raticate (CP 303)

Pokémon Caught:
2x Weedle
1x Eevee
1x Goldeen (hatched)
1x Rattata
2x Pidgey
1x Venonat

Most Powerful Pokémon: Porygon (CP 327)

Unconfirmed reports have been circulating that a hacker group hacked Pokémon Go late on Sunday, causing the servers to take a hit. Another report says that they did it due to only getting Weedle. I mean seriously. This game has gotten people moving and happy in a time of uncertainty from all angles and someone hacks it? Why?

Back to the journal though and due to the server outage, I wasn't able to do much, even though I was in an area (a nearby park/caravan site) where there was quite a few Pokéstops and Gyms. Before the game completely crashed I was able to catch a couple more Weedle, an Eevee and a Slowpoke although there were moments of uncertainty when the game froze on the caught screen and I wasn't sure it worked. One thing that did seem to work however, were the eggs and I got a Seel and Spearow in quick succession (now to find a 10km egg). Later on, when the servers were up again we walked around the village again and were able to get a couple more Pokémon and set the target for the next day. Take the gym. Until then, then.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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