Sunday, 17 July 2016

Behind-The-Team: Pokémon Go Journal: Day 3

*Pokémon Theme Tune Intensifies*

Pokémon Caught:
1x Paras
6x Rattata (1 hatched)
4x Pidgey
6x Weedle
2x Caterpie
1x Zubat
2x Drowzee
1x Oddish
2x Raticate (evolved)
1x Venonat
1x Beedrill (evolved)

Most Powerful Pokémon: Raticate (CP 303)

Pokémon Caught:
4x Weedle
2x Caterpie
1x Drowzee
2x Rattata
1x Oddish
3x Pidgey
1x Zubat

Most Powerful Pokémon: Porygon (CP 327)

Pokémon Caught:
4x Drowzee
1x Seel
1x Gastly
2x Zubat
1x Abra
1x Eevee
3x Pidgey
1x Pidgeotto (evolved)
4x Rattata
2x Caterpie
5x Weedle
1x Kakuna (evolved)
1x Krabby
1x Venonat
1x Ponyta

Most Powerful Pokémon: Pidgeotto (CP 165)

Ah, server issues! Was able to get out in the morning for a bit of Pokémon hunting in Northampton before the weight of 20 more countries being added to the server crashed it. In the evening, when the servers were slightly patched with String Shots, we managed to get out again and went to the park in my village which allowed for some egg hatching to happen (even if it was only a Ratatta). Walking back, it was to my horror that the Mystic gym which we walked past had suddenly turned to Valor. Running over, I saw a group of people playing and I covertly dealt damage to the gym by battling it when I was walking past. Alas, the combined might of their CP 900 Snorlax and server issues makes the gym still Valor for the time being. Next time then!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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