Sunday, 24 July 2016

Behind-The-Team: Pokémon Go Journal: Day 10

Progress impending... I swear

Pokémon Caught:
1x Weedle
1x Pidgey
1x Eevee

Most Powerful Pokémon: Pidgeot (CP 510)

Pokémon Caught:
N/A due to lack of time

Most Powerful Pokémon: Magmar (CP 490)

Pokémon Caught:
N/A due to lack of Pokéballs

Most Powerful Pokémon: Pidgeotto (CP 182)

Pokémon Caught:
1x Zubat
14x Rattata
1x Seel
4x Pidgey
1x Abra
1x Meowth
2x Spearow
5x Weedle
1x Kakuna

Most Powerful Pokémon: Zubat (CP 58)

A culmination of time and Pokéballs not being there resulted in today's haul. Except for Martin who had no such troubles, even managing to catch 14 Rattata's in one day, which must be some sort of record. Back to my lacklustre performance and I would like to say that London is fast approaching so hopefully plenty of Pokémon then. But until then... Any more Pidgey anyone?

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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