Tuesday, 23 February 2016

TV Review No. 11 Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Among Us Hide (S3, Ep6)

Strong Points:
Lash's reveal
Well choreographed fight scenes
ATCU's explanation about what they were planning
Invisible drone

Weak Points:
After the reveal, a certain person acted differently although no-one knew what they were yet
Everyone going against Hunter
Von Strucker family are just taking a beating
Ward's henchman is no more 

Spoilers ahead:
In-depth Review:

Change for everybody in this episode, although some more apparent than others. From Lash's reveal to Bobbie's return to the field and May's return to S.H.I.E.L.D. lot's happened this week, that's for sure. 

We'll start with Bobbie and May and their mission to find the Von Strucker kid so as to, in turn, find Ward. With May's pretend fight with Bobbie, the try at talking to get out of something at the bank and Bobbie's eventual fight and electrocution of one of Ward's henchman, there were too many moments to choose a favourite. Although it is a bit of a shame that the henchman has gone now as I thought his character was nice, but this is Marvel so he could be back soon anyway. 

While this was going on, Mac, Daisy and Hunter (who has been stopped from field work due to his actions two episodes before) were trying to find the person they call Lash. The main suspect was Banks of the ATCU who they promptly tail and find out that he is indeed not Lash. Because that would be too easy. Hunter tries to redeem himself for getting Andrew shot, by going in and shooting this guy with an icer because that's how we work through our anger. It worked though and they are lead to a warehouse where they test out an awesome drone that turns invisible and everything and find a certain Rosalind and Coulson admiring Inhumans that were put in stasis. 

Daisy was, understandably, horrified but Rosalind at least has a decent reason. After her husband died from cancer, she strives to help people, including Inhumans. They are kept in stasis until a cure is found (this throws up a couple of moral questions) in a sort of orange liquid, that keeps them fed, watered etc. just like a medically induced coma. Coulson understands what Rosalind is trying to do and makes the decision to help, again to the dismay of Daisy. This was interesting as Coulson is now going against what Daisy wants, which he doesn't normally do because he sees her as his daughter. 

Meanwhile, we have a conversation between Strucker and May, in which Strucker leads up to the big reveal. Andrew is Lash. This simultaneously makes us sympathise with Lash and gives Andrew something more to do. However, as soon as we are told, Gardner starts acting all jumpy even though he thinks no-one knows he is Lash which is a bit odd. Unless, noticing the 4th wall is one of his Inhuman powers?

Finally, who found Werner Von Strucker you may ask? Well, none other than Gideon Malick, one of the council members in Avengers Assemble. This is interesting, as it is a character that was in the MCU before, but not enough to be instantly recognisable to everyone, so I wonder if they will go into detail about him or just leave it there. We'll just have to wait and see.

Conclusion: overall, this episode was great with nice pacing, action and reveals. 

Rating: 80%

Thanks for watching, Satamer.

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