Friday, 19 February 2016

Film Review No. 3 Deadpool (15+)

Strong Points:
Well-choreographed action sequences
Alludes to the greater Deadpool story
Opening credit sequence and Ferris Buerllers Day Off spoof
Decent story that treated topics such as cancer with respect
Nice costumes and CGI
Good satire and 4th wall breaks

Weak Points:
Too short
Could've had more satire/4th wall breaks 
Could've poked fun at more e.g. Fox not owning the rights to all the characters 
Didn't need that many montages - felt rushed 

Spoilers Ahead:

In-depth review: 

In a world of superhero movies, one man tries to tell the emotional tale of how to be super without being a hero. And he'd probably be the first to admit that he's not a 'hero' (agreed - D) but he's definitely not the worst of the bunch right? Right?

Deadpool, in case you didn't know (how could you not have heard! - D) is a movie about the titular anti-hero who is famous for breaking the 4th Wall (I've sometimes ran through it! - D), and for spouting jokes that can't really be printed here (#%+}^{*}*]*#%# - D). The story is your plain old origin story and in that respect the movie does quite well as by the end, everything is explained (and set up for a megafranchise - D). He goes from a  mercenary who stops worse people than himself for money, to an anti-hero who stops worse people than himself for no money (hang on a second... - D). 

Due to a late stage cancerous tumour growing pretty much everywhere (which the writers actually show respect about), Wade Wilson decides to take some experimental treatment to try and stop this (all for my fiancée I might add - D). This leads to a torture montage (just previously there was another montage about Wade Wilsons 'encounters' with the other gender) and his eventual superpowers but comes with the price of bad looks (looks is how the world is run - D). 

What follows is a revenge film with Deadpool trying to find Francis (hah, Francis, what a name - D), the guy who did this too him and gather up the courage to talk to his fiancée now that he is horribly deformed (woah, watch it there - D). The plot, while a bit formulaic and a bit reliant on montages, was good overall with some actual emotional bits (these can soon be fixed -D). 

The one liners and quips are where Deadpool really shines from asking two girls whether it is more sexist for him to or not to beat them up to the title sequence that references the writers as the real heroes (we all are by the way) along with some I can't repeat here. 

The costumes and CGI were good if noticeable that they were on a rather cheap budget as is mentioned by Deadpool (could the studio not afford to hire more X-Men? - D) and the action sequences were great, especially the first and last scene if only because of the contrast (one was fun and games while the other was punching each other while falling off a building with one X-Men (X Girl? - D) making atom bursts in her body. Also, a gentleman Colossus was great. 

The acting in the film was nice, if a bit marred by archetypes (I'm looking at you Negasonic Teenage Warhead), with Ryan Reynolds (Me! - D) and Ed Skrein as the clear standouts. We actually got more Ryan Reynolds than Deadpool it seemed as quite a lot of the film was a flashback and so he didn't even have the suit. 

Finally, the movie alluded to the wider Deadpool universe (ready for a sequel!) with him talking to himself (bad Deadpool, good Deadpool) and referencing characters such as Wolverine (as well as Hugh Jackman) and I hope we'll be able to see these two character fight. 

Conclusion: overall the film was a great satirical look at the superhero genre although we could've seen even more as the movie was rushed a bit. Also one cannot mention this movie without a shoutout to the incredible marketing team behind it, so well done!

Rating: 78%

Thanks for reading, Satamer
I suppose I should thank you as well, 'The Merc with a Mouth'

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