Tuesday, 9 February 2016

First Impressions: Full Throttle Pinball

Start your engines! Ready... Set... Go! And they're off!

And it's a quick flick up the board for Satamer, and he's hoping to start a race but... no! He clipped the side and went flying across the track, only managing to grab a couple of points from the tires carelessly strewn across the place. Now it's Thomas off the starting line and he does manage to start a race! The selector spins and spins before finally landing on Great Britain! And the race begins! Unfortunately for Thomas, though, he accidentally forgets to stop celebrating and tries in vain to stop his car from racing between the paddles to doom. The next racer is Mark and he ignores the races entirely, instead focusing on grabbing as many points from the tires as possible... and it works! He's now in first place! But then comes in reigning champion, Harry who, as per usual, completes every race, breaks all the tires and completely smashes the world record! Hooray! And that is definitely what happened, I swear...

Anyways, it was quite fun to play pinball on an actual pinball machine (something that I haven't done in a long, long time, if ever for that matter). One of the main things that I noticed were the amount of rules and ways to get extra points such as the aforementioned races. Unfortunately, it required a bit more time to get used to than I had available so I can't say that I got a great score. However, it was fun enough anyway, especially as I could play against Satamer, Thomas and my Dad in a one player a time multiplayer game.

Overall, it was a nice change of pace to play a game that wasn't on a screen and also one that threw me back to 3D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows XP (albeit this one had a screen)!

Goodbye for now, Harry

P.S. As this is my final EGX 2015 First Impressions (finally), I feel it's a perfect time to check on what expos you're planning to go to in the future and what ones you've been to in the past! So please comment either on the blog or our various social media channels! And while you're at it, why not comment your favourite pinball related gaming moments?

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