Saturday, 27 February 2016

Top 5: Main Series Pokémon Regions

For the 20th anniversary of Pokémon (27th February) we are going to be doing posts centred around and celebrating this great franchise. On that note, here is the top 5 main series Pokémon regions, from best to worst.

1: Hoenn
You jump out of the back of the moving truck, not completely sure why you were put in the back, only to realise you are there. Home. With varied landscapes, lots to do including a stellar Battle Frontier, beautiful landscapes like the ash plains and Sootipolis City and the only region to gain a dimension (not counting the Distortion World in Sinnoh of course), this is definitely the best. Game Corner being closed down for the new games was a shame though. And what happened to Mauville... and the Battle Frontier?!

2: Kanto
The original is definitely good and is where most people started their journey. From Pallet Town to Cinnibar Island I couldn't really find a fault with the place, except that we needed more of it. Sevii Islands definitely helped although they are more like their own, small region.

3: Sinnoh
I found it difficult to choose between the top 3 as they are all great but I had to rank them somehow. So Sinnoh has Mt. Coronet, a massive mountain separating two halves of the region and the underground, which is similar to Hoenn's secret base building. It has a Battle Frontier which isn't quite as good as Hoenn's and some routes that were so LONG that it was a pain to travel through. But overall, it is a great region and one I hope they revisit soon.

4: Kalos
Kalos was the first region to be represented entirely in 3D and it looks great, especially Lumoise City, and the inclusion of events that change the landscape help to keep it fresh. Locations such as Anistar City and Snowbelle City are memorable locations and the fireworks sequence is still fresh in my mind. I have got to deduct points however, for no department store and no water routes because you can never have enough water! Also, I do believe that the opening town is the weakest of the lot.

5: Johto
While this was going to be higher in the list, I realised that most of my memories were of Kanto and Johto combined. After checking it up, I realised that Johto doesn't actually have too much in it (due to it all being in Kanto), including: its own Victory Road, museum or Pokémon graveyard (which isn't a particularly bad thing). However, I've got to give it credit for the autumnal colours and the Pokéathlon, which was probably the greatest minigame ever.

Honourable Mention: Unova
Okay, so there was only region left and I just had to put it in didn't I? Unova, while having some great cities and landmarks, Skyarrow Bridge being a personal favourite, and Pokéwood Studios, it was just too... Well, circular. Due to the inclusion of Entralink, the region turned into a single circle for the most part and while the sequels added to this slightly, it lost the feeling of exploration that the other games have, especially with the limited amount of Pokémon available. And having no bicycle shop/secret base building is a crime.

I hope you enjoyed this top 5, comment below for what you want us to do next and how you are celebrating Pokémon's 20th anniversary.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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