Saturday, 5 September 2015

Top 5 - Most Wanted 3rd Party amiibo

After the announcement of the Shovel Knight amiibo, the first amiibo made for a 3rd Party game, it got me thinking. What other 3rd Party game characters could be made into amiibo. Well, I thought about it and wrote/typed my thoughts down onto paper/webpage. Here it is:

5:  Wonder-Red: This amiibo would give special moves to your Wonder-Team or unlock challenge stages (original stuff right?!). However, what if you could collect the entire team and combine their powers to create a... Rainbow! Or maybe an explosion...

4: Chase McCain: after a partnering with Skylanders was announced, is it really too far of a stretch to see Nintendo partnering with Lego and TT Games to create a Lego Dimensions/amiibo character based on the 'disgraced' cop Chase McCain from Lego City Undercover? I sure don't think so and having an amiibo that can change the character in game depending on what clothes/costumes are attached would be a fun addition to the range of Lego. Also Chase McCain for Smash Bros. anyone?

3: Sonic: now, I know we already have one for Smash Bros. but how about one for the Sonic main series games. You place it down and boom! A proper Sonic game is made! It seems that all these shots in the dark with tape and werewolves was just a trick and 2D Sonic was there all along! Or it could just give you some speedrun stages, I don't know.

2: Big Daddy: firstly, a Bioshock game in which the camera is in the gamepad while the TV shows a documentary of Rapture would be awesome and atmospheric. An amiibo of the Big Daddy would make you switch characters into the mind of the hulking giant. Even more horrors await as you traverse the twisting and gruesome corridors of a monsters mind with only one purpose. To protect his little girl, no matter the cost.

1: Sora: Ah, Sora, the character made for Smash Bros., the Wii Remote and the collectible figurine. The amiibo could unlock a new keyblade, become a companion or turn into a journal that explains the story to the non-converted. Or even turn Sora into a heartless for a different playstyle. Now, if only Kingdom Hearts 3 would release on the Wii U. Or at all.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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