Monday, 7 September 2015

Comments: Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Codes Don't Work!

After the release of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile there were two passcodes given out: one in the 3DS version to unlock a Lucarionite in the mobile version (which I've used) and one in the mobile version to unlock a Lucarionite in the 3DS version (which I can't use)...

The reason for this is that the code I was given (after having to beat the tutorial) didn't work. Or, rather, it had worked but I had already used it... as it had been given out earlier for a measly 100 coins. After double checking the code and the previous release found that they were definitely the same and, feeling rather annoyed and duped, I went and completed the tutorial, once again, this time on my old phone. 

I inputted this code and found that it was, yet again, already used! And, once again, it had been used for coins! Now I'm having to wait for my Mum to beat the tutorial in order to get another code which, hopefully won't be previously used.

I expect this to be a mistake in the randomiser that creates the code and hope that it's not because the codes I used were released from the mobile version - although why the same codes would be used astounds me.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or, better yet, found a way to fix it? If so, please comment!

Goodbye for now, Harry

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