Saturday, 19 September 2015

First Impressions: iOS 9

iOS 9 is out now and it is... Well, about the same really (for iPhone at least). A new font, rainbow Siri, new style of multitasking (on the other side now!), some iCloud improvements, a low powered mode, a redesigned notes page, an updated reminders app and... That's about it. Anyway, here's my first experiences with it:
I found out about it when I was out (no notification popped up), so had to wait until the afternoon to download it (to be honest I thought we had weeks until this update came out). It was a gigabyte to download, which wasn't as bad as some other updates and it actually freed up a gigabyte of space after it downloaded which was nice.

The most apparent change for me was the multitasking. It now shows bigger previews of the apps you have open and they also appear on the other side of the home screen (it also can go landscape). They've also removed the contacts information at the top, which is a shame as I used that quite a lot. This will have more of an apparent change on the new iPads as you can now multitask properly, with two apps open at the same time!

New multi-tasking
Old multi-tasking
Hi iOS 9

Siri's graphics have also been colourised with a rainbow palette, which is nice. Sadly, no Yoda or Morgan Freeman voices yet... Low powered mode fixes one of the biggest problems of the Apple brand. Battery life. By getting rid of some graphics and disabling fetch and push notifications, it should increase your battery life by up to an hour.

Old Siri
New, colourful Siri
Low Powered Mode

Redesigned Reminders App

Finally, they have changed the font. Again. It's. Um. New. The reminders app also now shows how many reminders you've got and has a separate list for overdue ones. Which is great for the people who have to write down every task (like me).

Old Font
New Font

Overall, iOS 9 is a nice addition to the Apple franchise and while not adding any revolutionary features, it does fix a few of the nitty gritty problems that the iPhone has.

Note: there are a couple of other features which were introduced with iOS 9, such as being able to use your phone as a credit card. However, I have not had the need to use these features yet. Also, I haven't used iOS 9 for very long, so if any information is incorrect then don't hesitate to comment.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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