Friday, 7 March 2014

App Review No. 47 Ironpants

Strong Points:
Addictive, Flappy Birds gameplay but with a twist
Nice, polished graphics
Lots of heroes
Lots of modes

Weak Points:
Can be too difficult
No way to get rid of ads unless you want to go onto airplane mode
No medals or rewards to give you a sense of progress (you now unlock characters for doing certain things but it would be nice to have a few more rewards)

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 27th January 2014

Tap and hold to go up (classic and survival)
Release to go down (classic and survival)
Tap to make character go up (tapping)

This game may be seen as a clone of Flappy Bird and in many ways, it is. With the same goal of getting through pipes (or crates) in an endless cycle, its addictiveness and the extreme frustration which comes from playing this and Flappy Bird, it does seem to be a rip off.

However, unlike some clones which only change the graphics of the game and nothing more, this game changes the graphics (like the others) but also the control scheme. Instead of simply tapping the screen in a frustrated rage until you break it, this time you tap and hold the screen to go up and release to go down. This simple change makes the game a lot harder and different to Flappy Birds.

Although, due to the increased difficulty of the game (the speed is increased and the controls are a lot more sensitive) you may well be reduced to tapping the screen extremely quickly much like Flappy Birds, but at least the developers tried to change it.

Again, there is no way of getting rid of advertisements unless you put the smart device onto airplane mode but that's not too much of a worry. What is though, is that you get no medals or rewards for getting so far in the game, which means you don't get any real sense of achievement. This, coupled with the increased challenge makes the game less addictive than Flappy Birds and a whole lot more frustrating.

Conclusion: overall this is a good little app which will help you pass the time, with a good challenge and nice graphics but it is let down by a lack of incentive to carry on playing.

Rating: 74%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

This update gives us another 3 heroes - Bananapants, Crazypants and Discopants.
New mode - use your voice to control the hero.
This update gave us 3 new heroes - Cutiepants, Chickenpants and Rocketpants. They all have different ways to be unlocked and have different speed and movement stats.
2 new environments
And 2 new modes - tapping (changes the control scheme to something similar to Flappy Bird) and survival (where you dodge aliens).

Update: a mute button has been added so that you can't be distracted from flying; even from the games own sound!

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