Wednesday, 26 March 2014

1st Birthday

We made it. Today (the 26th of March) is the blog's 1st birthday and boy has it grown from last year. Last year we had one author (me!) who was doing a few short reviews (although they were more like short overviews of reviews) about the games I liked. There was also a console review and a bit of news. Then it changed into just strong points and weak points for quick and easy reviews. Finally, the reviewing system changed into what it is today, strong points and weak points for readers who want to know about the game at a glance and an in-depth review for people who want to know more.

Four new authors appeared next (Harry, Martin, Euan and Ben). Then on the 16th April 2013 we reached the first major milestone of 1000 views. On the 18th May 2013 we started doing App Reviews and the next day (19th) the Video Game Quote of The Week was born. Walkthroughs next with Mario Kart 7 leading the way.

A wild Pokémon VGC 2013 appeared on the 6th June 2013 and a live blog was made to accompany it. E3 then came around with us doing a post for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The next milestone of 2500 views was hit on the 5th July 2013.

Our YouTube channel came into existence on the 25th July 2013 (although the channel was actually made on the 29th June 2013). We will also be doing something for the YouTube Channel's 1st Birthday closer to the time. On the 1st August 2013, the Video Game Characters of The Month began in style with everyone's favourite Italian Plumber... Luigi. Okay second favourite... Wario. 3rd?... Waluigi. Fine, the one we all know... Mario!

Our first themed week started on the 29th of July with the Angry Birds week, a collection of all the Angry Birds apps up to that point (there are now many more and with that many, many more merchandising opportunities to come!)

Cheats sprang up on the 12th September 2013 with Super Pokémon Rumble and we hit 5000 views on 17th September 2013. The next themed week (well 12 days) started on the 1st October 2013. This time it was Pokémon with all the games we own to review and a Pokémon quote of the day. Our first impressions of Pokémon X and Y went on the blog on the 12th October 2013.

The next new thing to happen to the blog was the Top 5's on the 6th December 2013. Another themed week (again another 12 days) appeared on the 26th December 2013 with Harry reciting the 12 Gens of Gaming in badly tuned rhymes and very long paragraphs.

The absolutely amazing and frankly unbelievable milestone of 10,000 views was reached on the 30th January 2014 and now we are back to the present day of the 26th March 2014 and celebrating something even more incredible. The blog is one and we couldn't have done it without you! The pages came in dribs and drabs although we don't know the exact date because Blogger doesn't record it but we know we have got 6 pages which we hope you check out!

The blog has really changed over the past year from a small hobby to a big project with many, many posts, ideas and Adsense! And now The Stats:

First Review: Kingdom Hearts 1 (No.1, obviously) with 23 views!
Most Viewed Game Review: Rayman Legends Online Challenges App (No.25) with 100 views!
Most Viewed App Review: Pocket Mine (No.22 - App) with 320 views!
Most Viewed Page: Video Game Quote of The Week with 182 views!
No. of Game Reviews: 88!
No. of App Reviews: 50!
No. of Satamer's Posts: 101 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Harry's Posts: 82 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Martin's Posts: 25 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Euan's Posts: 19 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Ben's Posts: 5 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
Total No. of Published Posts: 192 posts!
No. of Labels: 30 labels!
Total No. Views: 12231 views

Latest Review: Plague Inc. (No. 50 - App) with 13 views!

What's Next:
We have a few things in the works but you'll have to wait a little while to find out. We don't want to spoil the surprise now do we?

As always thanks guys for viewing, commenting and sharing this blog. We can't wait to see how Year 2 pans out!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Happy 1st Birthday Games, Reviews and Other Stuff!

The Cake is a Lie...

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