Thursday, 6 March 2014

App Review No. 46 Splashy Fish

Strong Points:
Addictive Flappy Birds gameplay
A normal mode and an extreme mode
Rewards make the game more in depth

Weak Points:
Graphics aren't very polished
There aren't any ways to get rid of ads
The fish is bigger than Flappy Bird's making it frustratingly harder
It can lag
An obvious Flappy Birds remake

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 11th February 2014

Tap to make the fish go up

After the rise and fall of Flappy Birds, many other apps tried to copy its success. This is one of the better ones. With a complete graphical change including swapping the bird for a fish and the pipes for Atlantis like columns. The fish also changes as a reward when you get to a certain amount of points.

These rewards include golden fins through to ultra-red beam eyes! There is also an extra reward for getting to 20 points which is the extreme mode. Yes, a very hard game has gotten even harder. In extreme mode, the fish moves faster prompting you to even quicker decisions so as to get between the pillars.

The graphics, while not terrible, lack the polish of Flappy Birds or Ironpants and the increased size of the fish means that the hit zone for the pipes is bigger, making the game unnecessarily harder. However, the high score for both normal mode and extreme mode can be seen all the time which means you have a better idea of what to beat. Also, like Flappy Bird, there is no way to remove ads by paying but, unlike Flappy Bird, the air plane mode trick doesn't work. Finally, the game lags at points causing the fish to appear at the bottom of the screen in one moment and then halfway up the screen the next. This, coupled with the increased size of the fish, makes the game a lot more frustrating than Flappy Birds. It also causes it to lose some of its just one more go aspect.

Overall, Splashy Fish is one of the better copies of Flappy Birds but as such, it will always be compared with it as well. But, due to Flappy Birds being taken off the app store, this should fill the Flappy Birds shaped hole in your life.

Rating: 40%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: 2 new powerups (The Crown is back!)

Update: new rainbow skin!

Update: the Splash Shop is here and wants your coins in return for upgrades!

Update: get ready for a spooky update with the new Halloween theme for Splashy Fish! Also, get the Witch Hat and Halloween Skin for FREE (for a limited time). Finally, a few more performance improvements have splashed their way into the game!

Update: merry Christmas everyone! Have a Christmas scene on me. And, I'll even throw in some performance boosts and bug fixes! But why, you may ask? I'm just nice like that.

New superhero missions and skins for Splashy Fish!
Fixed missions bugs
The Halloween update is back and brings with it the Witch Hat and Halloween background (free for a limited time)
The Christmas update has returned and brings with it the Christmas background and Santa Hat (free for a limited time)

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