Friday, 28 March 2014

A Tale Of Two Gamers - Before

This is a taster for the new A Tale of Two Gamers Series that I will be starting this September. Enjoy.

We have been waiting. Watching. Preparing. For what?
The Two.
They will soon appear.
They must.

"Hey, Charlie, have you seen this?" called Michael from across the room.

"Wait a sec, Mike, I'll be there in a moment," replied Charlie, pressing the pause button on his game controller.

He got up from the chair he had been sitting on for the past couple of hours and walked over to his brother. Both boys were almost identical in feature, which was unsurprising, given the fact that they were twins. Both were 14, had pale skin (apparently due to the amount of hours they spent playing video games but this was yet to be proven) and brown hair as well as both wearing jeans and jackets (blue for Charlie and green for Michael). However, there were a few differences if you could be bothered to look for them (not that many people could). For instance, Charlie had a slightly longer face than Michael as well as a different hairstyle (if you could call a shorter fringe a different hairstyle). Michael on the other hand was slightly taller and had a small scar on his chin (a result of an incident with a washing machine that, just simply, isn't talked about). But the main difference between them were their eyes, Charlie's were completely white as if he was blind whereas Michael's were black as if his eyes contained only pupil. For this reason, some idiot kids at school had taken to calling them the Yin and Yang twins. But they weren't bitter... well, maybe a little.

By now, Charlie had made the small trek across the bedroom to where Michael was sitting at his computer.

"What is it now, Mike? I was just getting to the boss fight," asked Charlie impatiently, wanting to get back to his game.

"Don't worry, Charlie, its good," replied Michael eagerly.

Charlie gestured getting more impatient "And?"

"Well, you know that game that's been popping up everywhere?" asked Michael.

"Which one?" asked Charlie "There are many games around at the moment,"

Michael nodded "Yes, I'm getting to it. Well, Cyberspace is a game that apparently transports you into the gaming world so that you can, supposedly, play inside the game. Look."

On the laptop's screen was an advertisement reading:
Have You Ever Wanted To Be Part Of a Video Game? Have You Ever Wanted To Meet Your Favourite Characters? Have You Ever Wanted To Be Part Of Their Story? 
Well Now You Can With The Amazing New Cyberspace Technology! Join The Game! 

Charlie was actually surprised "Really? That's amazing!" But then, "Wait, its probably just a scam,"

Michael nodded "I thought so too."

Charlie smiled "Well, then, I guess there's only one way to find out."

His brother grinned as well "I'm one step ahead of you there, I've already taken the liberty to download it. If you would just exit your game?"

"Already on it," said Charlie, walking across the room and hitting save on the pause menu before exiting the game.

Both of them sat down and Michael found Cyberspace amongst the many other icons of previous video games. They looked at each other, not wanting to get excited (it could still be, and probably was, a scam) but still doing so. Michael moved the analogue stick down the menu and hit play.

The Two had arrived.  

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