Sunday, 30 March 2014

Live Blog: Eurogamer Rezzed 2014

We have just set out on the way to Eurogamer Rezzed (or EGX). Over the course of the day we will be posting what we are doing and what games we are playing as well as anything else that comes about. Over the course of the next week or so we will also be putting up First Impressions posts on the blog about the games we played. 
Goodbye for now, Harry

And we are here! We are entering the doors now and will have some updates soon. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer

We have had at Injustice Gods Among Us (Xbox 360 version) in the Fight Zone. We fought (I was Raven and Satamer was Green Arrow) and the first victory went to me and Raven! The next fight isn't important (Green Arrow and Satamer won). Satamer is now having a go at Cloud Built on the PC. First impressions for these games will be coming later.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Just had a go at Cloud Built for PC. Wow this game is cool. With great graphics and nice gameplay including smooth wall running, this game is great fun. First impressions of this game up later. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

I've just had a go at Final Horizon on the PS4 which is a bit like a frantic tower defence with a superpower at the end. The graphics are good (which due to the console is a given) and the PS4 is amazing. First Impressions on both the console and game later on.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Just played inFAMOUS: Second Son on the PS4. With amazing graphics, fluid controls and great powers, this game is cool. First impressions up later. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Just tried Helldivers which is an old school four player shoot em up. Suffice to say, I was terrible (however my dad wasn't... Much). First Impressions up later. We have also been reserved for the Pokémon Ultimate Team competition. We'll tell you how it goes.
Goodbye for now, Harry

First battle in the Ultimate Team and it's a win for the blog. Next up is Twin V Twin, Harry V Satamer. Stay tuned.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Twin V Twin. Harry wins! I am now on my way into the semi finales. Stay tuned.
Goodbye for now, Harry

I can't believe it but I won the semi finales! It's only the finals left before I become (or don't become) the Ultimate Champion! Stay tuned.
Goodbye for now, Harry

I won!!! And considering that I wasn't even planning to compete (I didn't even know it was on) I would say that was pretty good. And for winning, I get a golden ticket that will take me straight to the London finales! So, until then!
Goodbye for now, Harry

Just played Wasteland 2. Good graphics, good setting, good strategic gameplay, good game. First impressions up later.
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Had a go at Hearthstone against my brother to try and redeem myself. And lost. Good card game overall though. First Impressions up later. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Just had a go at War Thunder for PS4. Amazing graphics, massive map, nice planes, not so nice controls (for me at least.) First impressions up later. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

I have just played through two of the more strange games at the expo; Super Exploding Zoo and Steamworld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt. Both had great cartoony graphics and in both I had no clue what I was doing. First Impressions coming soon.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Just had a go at OlliOlli, Fez and The Swapper. 
OlliOlli: all right 2D skating game with retro graphics and retro level of difficulty. 
Fez: nice graphics, creative ways to controls landscape, cool game. 
The Swapper: epic graphics, nice atmosphere, cool concept, all right gameplay
First impressions later. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

We just had yet another competition, this time in Tower Fall Ascension (and for once I didn't win!) First Impressions coming soon.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Last game I played was a little game called Titanfall on Xbox One. Brilliant shooter (especially the mechs) and a brilliant ending to a brilliant day of gaming. As always, first impression up later. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer. 

What a great day of gaming! I won a Pokémon tournament (which I really wasn't expecting) as well as playing a variety of great games and a new console! Overall, I would say that my favourite game was... actually, I can't choose. I'll have to get them and play through them all again!
Goodbye for now, Harry

Great expo and got to see lots of really cool indie games which would've passed right under my nose otherwise as well as the AAA games. Will definetly have to get a few of the games and have a good play on them. If anyone else went to the expo or are going to one in the near future, then please comment.
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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