Sunday, 2 March 2014

App Review No. 44 Cut the Rope: Experiments

Strong Points:
Lots of content (although not as much as Cut the Rope)
Nice cartoony graphics
Good soundtrack
Good physics
A variety of levels
Great replay value
All mechanics are explained to you when you get to them

Weak Points:
Superpowers are very expensive and are required to 100% the game
Can get frustrating
Basically, the same as Cut the Rope but with a bigger focus on mechanics

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: August 4, 2011

In game tutorials show you how to work each mechanism

Cut the Rope: Experiments does what it says in the title. It is an experiment for the game designers of Cut the Rope for all of their mechanics that didn't make it into the main game. But it is also an experiment for the player as it has them trying out all of these different mechanics and getting to know how they work and therefore being able to get more stars.

Like the original game, Cut the Rope: Experiments asks you to cut ropes in order to get the candy to Om Nom. But, this time, the reason for this is that a professor wants to test Om Nom or you or the mechanics (I'm not really sure what he wants to test actually). Anyway, it's as good of an excuse as any for another Cut the Rope game!

Rather than being set out in boxes like the previous instalment to the series, each pack focuses on one particular mechanic (I know that the last game did this too but this time the packs are named after the mechanic). Each box is unlocked by getting a certain amount of stars, much like the original game as well. However, there are not seasons of levels most likely as there aren't quite as many as the original game (8 rather than 15) but there are still enough levels to keep you playing for hours.

The superpowers are back and are rearing their in-app purchase head again but as I have already spoken of them in the previous games review I will refrain from doing so again. The drawings, however, have gone and have been replaced by the album which is basically the same thing with photos rather than drawings.

Overall, Cut the Rope: Experiments is a great addition to the Cut the Rope series and adds onto the main game perfectly. You will be learning about the game all the way to the end.

Rating: 87%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: new magnetic stars have unlocked the power of magnetism! Use this power to collect all three stars in one bite!

Update: the game runs smoothly on iOS 9 now!

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