Tuesday, 4 March 2014

App Review No. 45 Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Strong Points:
Lots of content (although not as much as Cut the Rope)
Nice cartoony graphics
Good soundtrack
Good physics
A variety of levels
Great replay value
All mechanics are explained to you when you get to them
Two characters makes the game different from the past games in the series

Weak Points:
Superpowers are very expensive and are required to 100% the game
Can get frustrating
Only 15 levels per age rather than 25

In-depth Review:

Release Date:
World Wide: 12 February, 2013

In-depth tutorials in game

In this addition to the Cut the Rope series Om Nom has managed to find himself inside a time machine (after a nice cut-scene in which Om Nom is in the real world) and has to share his candy with other Om Noms (dressed up in the clothes of the era) through the ages.

Each age introduces a new mechanic (much like the previous instalments) but, due to two previous games worth of mechanics, this is all they add (at least in the first few ages). By this I mean that there aren't that many new mechanics per age. So far there are 9 ages such as medieval and disco era. The 9th age (the future), however, is only unlockable once every other stage is three starred or you buy it for real money (much like the first games, third season). The mechanics include a chain instead of a rope which can only be broken by a spinning disk like saw thing to freezing time itself because everyone knows that's what they did in the Renaissance.

Added to the stars and the superpower stars (yes, they're still here, and this time the tutorial forces you to use a superpower) are 40 hidden snowflakes to find in levels which can give Om Nom a cute little Santa's hat. These appear to replace the photos and drawings as extra collectables.

Overall this is another great entry to the Cut the Rope series and is the first one to add any major gameplay changes.

Rating: 88%

Goodbye for now, Harry 

Update: have you ever found it hard to get stars? Have you ever wanted help? Have you not wanted to pay obscene amounts of money for superpowers? Do you wish that there were hints? Well wish no longer for that is exactly what has become available. Also, travel to the Asian Dynasty and use hand fans to hide game elements, including Om Nom! Now what could he be doing behind there...?

Update: go to the Industrial Revolution with this new level pack and use the power of magnetism to levitate candy (because candy's obviously magnetic) and deliver it safely to Om Nom and his relative's waiting mouths

Update: the game now runs smoothly on iOS 9

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